Imeji Community Meeting 03.12.2012

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Time: 10.00 - 12.00

Tool: DFN (no account needed)

Audio (Phone): +49-30-2541080 ODER +49-711-6330190 DANN 97924586#

People: KA, BS, MS, FK


  • issue stamps
    • Bastien and Karsten will check the issues and decide which might get into the next release.
    • TODO for future: We need a concept how an issue is handled (by whom, at what time in release etc.)
      • Candidate Issues
      • Check for voting plugin for git
  • run/release scope
    • bugfixing
    • css clean up
    • jsf2
    • xml import
    • todo: update scope and time plan in colab (Kasten & Marco)
  • The community should test the release extensively due to deep changes. Time for testing should be communicated in time.
    • Testing by HU, FU, MPDL
    • Mail to community
    • HiWi testing
  • Friederike will send doodle for next community meeting mid of January
  • Would be nice to have a screencast for presentation (Bastien will talk to Julian)
  • Prometheus thinks about MoU with the community. What do we have to do that the community becomes a 'person' ? (Friederike & Karsten will check)
  • Information of the code license should be more prominent
    • Friederike will put info in colab
    • Karsten will write readme for github
  • Flyer should be linked
    • Friederike will put Flyer in collection
    • Karsten will link Flyer in colab