Imeji Community Meeting 23.05.2012

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Time: 11.00 - 12.30

Participants: JR, FK, BS, MS, HN, KA, JB, GS


  • Status Quo imeji
    • IKB: New eSciDoc/imeji server and use cases with art-historian projects / collections
    • FU: Ingest implementation
    • MPDL: See Jena Refactoring and Imeji Community
  • Status Quo HU-CMS
    • Goal: To have a live system for end of the year
    • Evaluation
      • last stand in google docs
      • imeji: enhanced and centralised documentation needed, replace jboss 4.2 with newer jboss or (better) Tomcat.
  • Summary conference Kultur & Informatik 2012
    • 2 new contacts with interest in imeji
  • Jena Refactoring
    • Goal: Use last version of Jena (faster, more scalable, more features, etc) and ease future upgrade
    • status: Started, but only local
    • Timeplan: For release, planned in September 2012
  • Metadata Standards:
    • Goal: Redefine data model (according to experience from older imeji version) and define metadata standards for all objects
    • Status: see [1]
      • Feedbacks from HU and FU(?) expected
    • Timeplan: Is implemented by the refactoring
  • Community marketing via social networds
    • All contributions are welcome.

imeji Community update[edit]

  • Paper proposal for OA Days submitted
  • Digital Humanaities Deutschland Conference: Subscription in work, plus science slam proposal
  • Carpet update done
  • Telko with interested MPICO, testaccount sent
  • Telko planned with MPIKG in june