Imeji Community Meeting 27.06.2012

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Time: 10.30 - 12.30

Tool: DFN (no account needed)

Participants: JR, HN, KA, FK, BS


  • Metadata Standards
    • Goal: Redefine data model (according to experience from older imeji version) and define metadata standards for all objects
    • Status: see imeji terms
      • Feedbacks from HU and FU expected
        • Complex types
        • Multiples
        • Multi-language support for values
        • Metadata harvesting over OAI for external services like PIDs, viewer, PDF creator
        • User can assign namespaces
    • Timeplanning: High priority
    • Feedback HU: Hierarchische Statements für Thesaurus Abbildung wichtig - Wird Abgebildet über CoNe
    • Feedback HU: dc:identifier in Person element => pnd kann mit angegeben werden
    • Feedback FU: Seperate Telko zum Thema 04.07.2012 11:00
    • Thema sollte bis zum 11.07.2012 abgeschlossen sein.
  • / jumppage
    • check Dropbox/imeji/imeji-org/homepage for latest version
    • mailinglist - contact-adress - communication regulation
    • text and pictures for jumppage
    • Marco and Karsten werden homepage finalisieren, Text erst mal ok
  • Telko with MPICO summary
  • Telko with MPIKG summary
  • Jena Refactoring
    • Goal: Use last version of Jena (faster, more scalable, more features, etc) and easy future upgrade
    • Status: Started, but only local
    • Timeplanning: For release, planned in September 2012
  • Next Meeting (web): 25.07.2012
  • Next Meeting (face2face): Vermutlich 31.08.2012
  • DFN test: 04.07.2012, 14:30