Imeji Community Meeting 28.02.2013

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Time: 11.00 - 12.30

Tool: DFN (no account needed)

Audio (Phone): +49-30-2541080 ODER +49-711-6330190 DANN 97924586#

Participants: Bastien, KA, JB


  • Colab Meeting Protocols => annually sorted
    • New Hierarchy: Meetings 2012, Meetings 2013 as new top levels
Aggreed. Friederike takes care of it
  • Status and Plans for Release
    • Testing
The final planning for the reelase ist: Testing from 4.3.2013, Release 12.4.2013
VRA and METS/MODS should be supported via the export. 
The way to do it should be specified in a generic way to easily add new standard in imeji. 
This will happen together with the Prometheus integration. 
As a matter of fact, a similar process is needed: offer an export in a Prometheus format. 
Since this Prometheus format is small, it is a good candidate to start.
  • PID Integration
Is a feature request. DOI and Handle should be supported
  • Persistence on Demand
Is a feature request. But the meaning of this feature should be rethought, since the original concept was escidoc centric
  • Prometheus / Meta-Image Meeting 12.04.2013 in Köln
 A MPDL participant is wished. Bastien is not available
  • imeji community workshop/birthday event
    • Friederike will work intensively on this the next weeks and will contact some of you directly for input
    • MPDL would prefer kw20
IKB cannot in kw20. The date will be defined in the next weeks