Imeji Community Meeting 29.11.2012

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Time: 10:00 - 16:00 (incl. lunch break), 19:00 - ? dinner

Place: IKB, Georgenstr. 47, 10117 Berlin, Besprechungsraum 3.16 (Smartboard + Eduroam)

Participants: KK, KA, JB, BS, JR, JML, HGK, FK, LD, SS,


Meeting with CMS - HU[edit]

  • Besprechung der Evaluationsergebnisse und Anforderungsliste (FEDORA based DAM-Systems) mit F. Kühnlenz
  • CMS defined 5 possible solutions:
  1. Nuxeo with commercial support
  2. Nuxeo without commercial support
  3. Fascinator
  4. islandora
  5. Nuxeo first and then Islandora (migration of data would be necessary)
  • Fascinator und Islandora are based on Fedora (which is a plus for CMS)
  • Solution 5 sounded like the most wished. Migration from Nuxeo to Islandora should be possible thanks to the export feature in Nuxeo (based on CMEIS: Standard interface in content management systems)
  • Most of the tested software don't support vocabulary and thesauri integration
    • Shouldn't it be a major feature for scientific document management? --Bastien 13:31, 4 December 2012 (CET)
  • Arguments against imeji:
    • No version management
    • No LDAP integration
    • Fedora integration too lazy...
    • Not enough documentation, and installation too complicated
    • old software components and infrastructure (e.g. JBoss)
    • persistency of metadata

Cooperation HyperImage/imeji[edit]

  • Besprechung der nächsten Schritte der Zusammenarbeit
    • HyperImage - eSciDoc object
    • GUI Komponenten
  • Current work in Hyperimage:
    • export of data in xml
    • GUI is currently evaluated with external usability experts. Complete GUI will be new implemented
    • New implementation will take care of scalability (for technical aspects as well as for GUI issues)
    • Interoperability will be carefully implemented, in order to make integration with many repos easier.
    • New version of Hyperimage will focus its feature and GUI around the images linking (less effort for metadata and annotation).
  • Some notes about Hyperimage
    • A major problem met by Hyperimage is the licensing of images. How to protect/manage images which have been published with a license
    • Hyperimage is now a commercial product. I remains opensource and free of charge (only support and hosting will be charged)
    • Links in Hyperimage are typed. Possibility to build an ontology based on the links types
    • Hyperimage is and was used for publishing digital publications
    • A similar product like Hyperimage: from switzerland

Common GUI issues[edit]

  • Priorities and Roadmap
  • imeji GUI concept has been presented by Karsten
  • GUI of Hyperimage is still in evaluation phase
  • A meeting between Hyperimage and imeji could be done the 21.01.2013 in Berlin

Community building[edit]

  • Ausbau der imeji community
    • MPDL im Gespräch mit: LMU, uni-heidelberg, uni-graz
    • IKB in Kontakt mit Kunsthochschule Kassel
  • Marketing und PR-Konzept für imeji
    • Flyer
    • Readme GitHub
    • Angabe der Lizenz
  • Cooperation imeji/Promotheus
  • Promotheus is an image repository harvesting images from other repositories
  • Prometheus would interested to be able to harvest images from repos based on imeji => here should be discussed what specifications are needed
  • Prometheus is now an imeji community member :)