Imeji IKB Meeting 20.03.2013

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Time: 19./20./21.03.2013

Place: MPDL, Munich

Participants: KA, JB, FK, BS, MS


Org stuff[edit]

  • Communication: We block every second Wednesday 11:00 (starting 27.03.) for telkos if needed.
  • For next runs we should plan weekly runmaster telkos (short updates, status, problems etc.)
  • Workshop in May: One day imeji internal workshop, 1/2 day imeji meeting for external people
  • Before May we could discuss if we want imeji to be an association or a company (perhaps on sunday?)
  • It would be great to have an imeji screencast (for october meeting?), who can do it?

Gui restructure[edit]

  • the community core team decided
    • to disconnect the GUI restructure process from the current run
    • to close the GUI issues for the current release, except of small bug fixes
    • to proceed parallel in an own branch which will be merged from time to time
    • to create a fresh and new template, step by step for the various sections (e.g. album pages, collection pages, etc.) in HTML5, CSS3 and JSF2

Metadata export[edit]