Imeji SIP 24.03.2014

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Time: 10.00 - 11.00

Tool: DFN (no account needed)

Audio (Phone): +49-30-2541080 ODER +49-711-6330190 DANN 97924586#

Participants: Nina Rücker, Sasa Hartger, Peter Fauland, Bastien Saquet, Friederike Kleinfercher


  • Further Cooperation between imeji and SIP
  • Evaluation of the imeji Software (some ideas about what we could talk):
    • Page Flow
    • Clarity
    • Colour Theme (light version)
  • Who can do what?
  • SIP as new partner on the imeji flyer?
  • SIP images as background on (with logo for advertisement)
  • Does SIP has any info material or flyers which we could spread in the MPG?

Next Steps[edit]