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This page describes the use cases to be tested during imeji testing. The use cases are decribed in a generic way. This might be completed with more accurate description.

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Functional Specification
Technical Specification

RDF mapping
Metadata terms


Create user

  1. login as system administrator
  2. go to admin page
  3. go to create new user
  4. create user (send an email selected)
  5. login with new user (via email link)
  6. change password


  1. login
  2. Create collection on collection pages (many users and organisations)
  3. Upload images
  4. Delete selected images
  5. Edit profile
  6. Upload images
  7. edit some metadata (see "create/edit metadata")
  8. Delete selected images
  9. Remove collection
  10. do same procedure and release collection
  11. discard collection

Create/Edit metadata

  1. Create collection
  2. Create profile with (at least) 1 metadata for each type.
    1. add more large number metadata for each type,e.g., 10 authors.
  3. Define labels in multiple languages (some with many languages, some with only one)
  4. Define restricted values and vocabularies
  5. Define a metadata to be used as a caption
  6. Unselect some metadata as preview
  7. Select some metadata as multiple
  8. save
  9. go to edit all
  10. edit a metadata in "Add only when value is empty" mode
  11. edit same metadata in "Add only when value is empty" mode (nothing changed)
  12. edit same metadata in "Overwrite all values"
  13. select some images
  14. same procedure as edit all for "edit selected"
  15. Edit single image and same procedure as edit all for
  16. Check behavior of multiple, preview, caption, vocabulary, and restricted values
  17. Check labels of metadata, facets in different languages


  1. Prepare a collection like in "create/edit metadata"
  2. Edit the metadata in various ways (all, selected, single)
  3. Check the values of the facets
  4. Make simple search for different md types, with one or many words
  5. Test exact search (bettween "") and search for multiple words in random order
  6. Search in advanced search
  7. Test with one or many search criterium
  8. Test for date and number search intervals
  9. Check query displayed during typing (add/remove metadata, swith collection, clear all values)
  10. Check search query on result page
  11. Revise search


  1. Create album
  2. active album
  3. Add images (selected and single) in active album. Select albums with released and not released images
  4. remove images from album.
  5. Try release: Should not work if 1 images is not released.
  6. remove album
  7. Do same procedure with only released images
  8. release albums
  9. discard album


  1. go throuhgt history
  2. clicks on facets, remove some, and test 1
  3. Make a search and test 2
  4. Try sorting in both direction
  5. Change number of images per page, use "go to page" imput, with correct and wrong values
  6. test from 1
  7. select images, test from 1


  1. Create a second user
  2. share a collection with this users
  3. Tests the different roles
  4. Some for albums




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