Installation of maven

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Ubuntu (11.04)[edit]

  • install maven:
  sudo apt-get install maven2
  • check mvn version
  mvn -version


  • First download the maven binaries.
  • Extract them to c:\programme for example.
  • Now try running maven with this command
mvn -version

Further common steps[edit]

  • If the previous steps was successful, point your browser to Nexus.
If you want to contribute snapshot builds and releases to the project contact your local Nexus administrator to grant you
the needed rights.
  • Create a file at ~/.m2/settings.xml or C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\.m2\repository for windows with the following entries
                <!-- here you can set and override systemwide properties, valid in all projects -->
     <!-- using a development environment -->
     <!-- and jboss 4.0 -->
  • Ask your administrator to give you the current user/password combinations and put it in the properties section of your setting.xml
  • Checkout the project, e.g common_services
svn co
  • Now pick a integration test module (e.g citationmanager_ear, pubman_logic_ear or faces_logic_ear) and type
mvn clean install
This will download a jboss server for integration tests to your home folder.
  • Now change into homefolder and do the following steps (for Ubuntu):
cd jboss
mkdir server_eclipse
cp jboss-<jboss-version> server_eclipse
This will copy another jboss installation into server_eclipse, since it's not possible to have the same jboss installation for the integration tests and eclipse together.
We will need that later if you want to use eclipse for developing.

You can now start developing. For the first try, why not trying to compile all the project modules? Go to the root of the working dir and type:

mvn clean compile

This should clean and compile all project modules.