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This project has developed four complementary services within the MPDL framework. These prototypes provide an application layer and interface to serve the specific purposes of scholars working in the humanities.

The four services constitute

  1. a workflow for developing texts in an XML format that represent historical sources including Data Entry Specifications and an XML Schema for the generation of well-formed documents,
  2. a publicly accessible repository and web-based display mechanism for these texts that incorporates language technology and which is built upon the MPDL infrastructure,
  3. mapPIT, an Open GI (Geographic Information) network for the retrieval of scientifically relevant geo-information and the display of places mentioned in above texts,
  4. Virtual Spaces, a software to create virtual exhibitions (e. g. Einstein exhibition, Berlin 2005)

Responsible for the project[edit]

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Renn (MPIWG)


The project was approved by the Executive Committee of the Max Planck Society in March 2008. The project started in September 2008.

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