MPDL SvM Meeting 2009-04-15

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  • PubMan Support Mailing list
  • OUs Molekulare Pflanzenphysiologie
  • BT 09, outcome of telco with Ms. Chmielewski
    • PC training room is very small, max. 18 persons fit in from her point of view
    • alternative, go to the new seminar room of the MPIe and use laptops..., problematic, as not every participant will have a laptop...
  • CoNE
  • Search & Export
  • Outcome of Dev. meeting, 14.4.09
    • send E-Mail to moderator will only be visible for logged in users (CoLab spec. needs to be extended)
    • new JIRA project for PubMan Support mails will be created and Nicole will get admin rights (maybe Juliane as well in case Nicole is ill?)
    • Natasa changed the role definitions for PubMan and will put them on dev. server for testing. Role definition for depositor has been changed. The depositor can now release and modify own items independent from the workflow.
      • use cases need to be aligned (Nicole)
      • PubMan help has to be changed (Melanie + Juliane?)
      • Test cases need to be changed
      • new user role matrix needed
      • not sure if roles have been implemented according to Karin's requirements
  • checked prototype of R5 regarding Look-Up Services + Copyright + Bookmark Services & commented on talk page

PubMan extensions[edit]


  • preparation of meeting with Sylvia Kortüm on Thursday:
Workshop on Architecture 22nd/23rd of April
  • no possibility for contact to Irina Arndt until workshop next week (vacation this week, business trip next week on monday and tuesday)




PubMan in CoLab

  • little clean up until start of BT - working with subcategories?
  • PubMan Portal