MPDL SvM Meeting 2010-07-01

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  • Status Testing
  • meeting new Admin Roles / Training after 6.1
  • new Role vor CoNE Adminstration of Persons, Journals and MimeTypes at the institutes

PubMan Migration[edit]


  • New name: results from Despoinas inquiry: based on her results, Sharis is the only name not protected either in the US nor the EU. How will we proceed further?
  • New proposal: imeji (Japanese for image), or written in English imegi


  • Who takes care after I leave?
  • QA tests are finished. Only smaller bugs were discovered.
  • Creation of new ViRR flyer in progress.


  • current todo's:
    • Paper for WissKom 2010,
    • CARPET Wissensbasis (search for content, like competence centers, use cases, best practice recommendations etc.: there will be a link-catalog for different categories at the beginning and it will be formed into a wiki in the -near or further - future),
    • extending the catalogue
  • Denise working on a new concept for the homepage.
  • potential cooperation with KIM --> discussed it in Zürich with Fr. Binz, wrote to her last week, but there was no answer. What other ways do we have? who is responsible for KIM, now that Andy isnt there? any ideas?


  • Funders round table in Paris was a success (at least 6 countries will commit themselves to Dariah)
  • DARIAH ERIC proposal has to be finalized End of November (ERIC can be implemented in September next year)
  • German project proposal is in preparation (MPDL will join with some positions in the VCC e-Infrastructure and the Dariah office)


  • Rike, Natasa, and Juliane will be in Madrid at Open Repository Conference next week (Monday till Thursday)
  • vacation plans for the summer?
  • Project description on mpdl page ( links to outdated flyers of solutions. perhaps it would be better to link to colab desc of the solutions, as this will always up to date and additionally we will have much more information there.