Meeting SUB MPDL eSciDoc workshop Dariah 2009 01 23

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eSciDoc Workshop at SUB Göttingen with scope on DARIAH project

  • Date: 23/01/09
  • Where: SUB Göttingen

Participants/speakers: Tom Endres (MPDL), Tobias Schraut (MPDL)


This workshop's intention was to give an impression of how to use eSciDoc infrastructure and how to use it for DARIAH. Therefore there was a general introduction for eScidoc, an overview baut the software development environment of the MPDL and a hands-on-workshop in which a small eSciDoc application was shown.

See the following agenda for more details.

Agenda of the workshop[edit]

1. general introduction into eSciDoc infrastructure (Design, services, Data models, etc.)

2. Overview of the SDE of the MPDL (Build management, deployment, documentation)

3. Hands-on-workshop with a small eSciDoc application presenting some DARIAH data 3.1 Introduction into the application (image browser, called "Rune Browser") 3.1 Step by step development process for presenting and preparing the data

Download the presentations[edit]