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NSDLNational Science Digital Library

  • Purpose: publish, share and maintain vocabularies, terms and elements

Oracle Service Registry

  • Purpose: is for any kind of service metadata or artifact
  • Sun's Service Registry (now Oracle Service Registry) was implemented to provide SOAService-Oriented Architecture Visibility.The registry provides awareness of service descriptions to help consumers determine their willingness to interact with the service. The registry could also provide awareness of consumer descriptions to help providers determine their willingness to interact with consumers.
  • as it is commercial and has no free download, I could not test the functionality.

DCDublin Core Registry

  • Purpose: contains the DCMIDublin Core Metadata Initiative terms, classes and Vocabs
  • DCDublin Core Registry is just for discovering the DCDublin Core elements, terms and vocabularies. You cannot register own collections.


  • Purpose: Terminology and Other Language and Content Resources


Criteria \ Registry NSDLNational Science Digital Library Registry Oracle (Sun) Service Registry DCDublin Core Registry Isocat
Discovery of metadata terms, classes, etc. yes  ? yes yes
Reuse of Metadata terms, classes, etc. yes  ? yes yes
Publish own metadata terms, classes, etc. yes  ? no yes
Upload Schemas (XMLExtensible Markup Language, RDFResource Description Framework) yes  ? no no
Versioning of metadata yes  ? no yes
Domain Independence yes  ? yes yes
Open Source Registry yes no yes yes
Multiligual Definitions no (?)  ? yes yes


  • NSDL Registry
    • todo: provide feedback on multilanguage definition and PURLPersistent Uniform Resource Locators creation flexibility