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Ideas and proposals reg. two NKOSNetworked Knowledge Organization Systems and Services events 2008

All slides from both events are published now and freely accessible:
NKOS Workshop at ECDL 2008
NKOSNetworked Knowledge Organization Systems and Services Special Session at DCDublin Core 2008 (one singel file in pdf)


The purpose of this page is to gather and document ideas and proposals related to the two NKOSNetworked Knowledge Organization Systems and Services events in Europe 2008 and to support their preparation. Discussion can of course take place via email or on NKOS-L or other relevant lists, but summaries and outcomes should be added to this document.

2005 we had good success with a combination of the traditional NKOS workshop at ECDL in Vienna and a special session at the DC-conference in Madrid. There is usually not a huge overlap in participation between the two events. Because of the focus of this years Dublin Core Metadata Conference on Web 2.0 and Semantic Web (Metadata for Semantic and Social Applications), it seems a good opportunity to run a NKOSNetworked Knowledge Organization Systems and Services session at the DCDublin Core conference again.

In addition, the two dates and the locations are close enough to allow participants, especially from outside Europe, to do a combined trip, further supported by the option to only pay for the workshop at ECDLEuropean Conference on Digital Libraries (offer to everybody) and for one day at the DCDublin Core Conference (unfortunately for speakers only).

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Thanks for your participation.

Traugott Koch (traugott.koch@mpdl.mpg.de)

DCDublin Core 2008, NKOSNetworked Knowledge Organization Systems and Services Special Session. Berlin, September 24, 2008

International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications DC-2008

The slides are available as one singel file in pdf

The presentations in a NKOSNetworked Knowledge Organization Systems and Services session aim to cover the intersection between NKOSNetworked Knowledge Organization Systems and Services and metadata, especially the main topic of the conference: Metadata for Semantic and Social Applications. They should demonstrate what NKOSNetworked Knowledge Organization Systems and Services work could contribute to metadata solutions and issues.

There will be three hours available for a NKOSNetworked Knowledge Organization Systems and Services special session (plus a half hour break). The successful formula 2005 was to feature three main presenters and to allow half of the session time for discussion related to each presentation.

This time, we plan to feature one main presentation on each topic, followed by a comprehensive discussion lead by a discussant/enabler/opponent. Hopefully, colleagues from different communities can be involved in each topic.

Here is the preliminary AGENDA:

Short introduction. Traugott Koch, Max Planck Digital Library, Germany

1) How to explore KOSKnowledge Organization Systems and Services and social tagging in combination ("Vocabulary support 2.0")
Main presentation: Enhanced Tagging (EnTagEnhanced Tagging) project: Koraljka Golub, UKOLNUnited Kingdom Office for Library and Information Networking, and Douglas Tudhope, University of Glamorgan, UKUnited Kingdom
Discussant: Lambert Heller, TIBTechnische Informationsbibliothek Hannover, Germany

2) Controlled subject/topical vocabulary in metadata: developing best practices related to semantic web usages (SKOSSimple Knowledge Organisation System etc.)
Main presentation: Jon Phipps, National Science Digital Library (NSDLNational Science Digital Library) Registry developer, USA; special consultant with the W3CWorld Wide Web Consortium SKOSSimple Knowledge Organisation System Working Group
Discussant: Johannes Keizer, FAO

3) Metadata registries vs Terminology registries vs Service/Collection registries: Synergies and differences
Main presentation: Marcia Lei Zeng, Kent State University, USA; active with NISONational Information Standards Organization and ISOInternational Organization for Standardization thesaurus standards development and the Open Ontology Repository initiative
Discussants: NSDLNational Science Digital Library Registry: Diane I. Hillmann, Cornell University and Stuart Sutton, University of Washington, USA

This topic is coordinated with the DCDublin Core Registry meeting on Sep 25th

Comments, ideas, proposals

(please add here)

Not sure if this is #4 or just an extension to #3 - terminologies registry vs services registry + terminology services (see File:TReg.doc) (added by D. Nicholson 31/1/08)

7th European Networked Knowledge Organization Systems (NKOSNetworked Knowledge Organization Systems and Services) Workshop at ECDLEuropean Conference on Digital Libraries 2008. Aarhus, Denmark, September 19, 2008

All presentations available at: NKOS Workshop at ECDL 2008

The PRELIMINARY WORKSHOP PROGRAMME is now published at the workshop website together with the Call for Papers and other, more static, information about the event. Further ideas, proposals and discussion items are very welcome: just add them below.


The NKOSNetworked Knowledge Organization Systems and Services workshop is part of the Twelfth European Conference on Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries, ECDL 2008.

As usual we will run a full-day workshop, based on a public Call for Papers and peer review, plus at least one special session designed by a hosting chair. Please compare the calls and programmes from 2007 and earlier workshops. We submitted the following main topics (short version) which soon will be listed in the Call for Papers:

  • KOSKnowledge Organization Systems and Services Interoperability
  • Terminology Registry
  • Terminology Services
  • User-centered design issues
  • Social tagging
  • Semantic Web applications and implications of KOSKnowledge Organization Systems and Services
  • Terminology for language-oriented applications

Ideas reg. format and new workshop features, pointers to potential invitees for the new poster session and other proposals are still welcome and can influence the programme, at least until the early registration deadline at the end of July.

So far, a comprehensive session has been proposed as major part of the workshop, focusing on a KOSKnowledge Organization Systems and Services registry and related services:

Doug Tudhope wrote Dec 14, 2007:

Let's press ahead with preparing a task-related session (or half day) hopefully as part of an NKOSNetworked Knowledge Organization Systems and Services workshop at ECDL08 in Aarhus (if its accepted). This would be as we discussed on a continuing task so that we prepared for it and had some specific goals to achieve and carry forward. A poster session at the workshop (as Marcia suggested) also seems a good idea. ...

Scoping a possible KOSKnowledge Organization Systems and Services registry and services seems a good topic and also ties in with ongoing projects that I think a few of us are involved in. We should prepare for it beforehand - in a practical (not too time consuming) way that involves some people doing preparation, making some discussion papers/presentations and proposing/discussing ideas. Traugott volunteers to start a Max Planck wiki page in January if we decide to go with this topic. He also suggests we should try to revitalise the NKOSNetworked Knowledge Organization Systems and Services discussion list, so we could try to make use of that as part of our preparation. We could also make use of the existing NKOSNetworked Knowledge Organization Systems and Services website for some of this work.

Comments, ideas, proposals

(please add here)

Marcia Zeng wrote Sun. 2008-02-03
1. There was a good discussion at the "Open Ontology Repository initiative - Planning Meeting - Thu 2008-01-03". PPTs are available at: http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?ConferenceCall_2008_01_03
Leo Obrst initiated a discussion on "Functional Requirements of an RDFResource Description Framework/OWLWeb Ontology Language Repository". (5 slides). I believe it will be useful to discuss either this one or a new one for KOSKnowledge Organization Systems and Services registry/repository.

2. There was a OCLCOnline Computer Library Center Terminology Services Meeting at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City, September 12, 2007. Report "Terminologies Services Meeting: Summary Report" is available at: http://www.oclc.org/programs/events/2007-09-12.htm
Note "Desired meeting outcomes included a list of the most important features and use-cases in order to help prioritize efforts of RLGResearch Libraries Group Programs and OCLCOnline Computer Library Center Research in this area of work":
2.b Leveraging terminology for search optimization (25 votes)
3.c Combining local, shared or published terminologies (7 votes)
5.b Generating terminology mappings using human intelligence (7 votes)
5.a Generating terminology mappings using data mining techniques (4 votes)
1.a Browsing, searching and retrieving terms (1 vote)
1.b Displaying part of an authority record (1 vote)

Dennis Nicholson wrote Fri 14/12/2007 15:09 (in reply to Doug's email above):

One way forward, would be to begin (on the wiki, I'd guess) to gather a list of suggestions from us all as possible sub-topics/ issues/ whatever. We could then try to agree a priorities list and identify one or more of these for closer inspection and discussion later.

Dennis Nicholson wrote Thu 31/01/2008 15:33 (as a contribution the list of suggestions for sub-topics on Doug's main theme of terminology registries):

The HILT Project (http://hilt.cdlr.strath.ac.uk/hilt4/index.html) has a view of the terminologies landscape that entails a need to discover unknown terminology services in a registry. This view is still developing and the document below gives a rough overview of some of the questions we are raising (a copy of a document sent DT's project on this topic):


Claudio Gnoli wrote Tue 11/03/2008:

The ILC project <http://www.iskoi.org/ilc>, of which I have discussed previously with Doug and Traugott, is focused on the general structure of a KOSKnowledge Organization Systems and Services. This includes technical implications mainly concerning the structure of the databases where both the KOSKnowledge Organization Systems and Services and the indexes are recorded (which fields are needed, how they can be related to each other, etc.), as well as their search interface.

However, while reading the proposed topics for Aarhus, it occurs to me that one ongoing development of our project is the question of connecting locally preferred classes with a general KOSKnowledge Organization Systems and Services, and allowing for automatic shift between them in indexing and search. It is both a specific part of ILC, and a very general question. I will think about submitting a paper on this interoperability aspects.

Contact: Traugott Koch (traugott.koch@mpdl.mpg.de)

Created: 2008-01-09