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This page contains information about OAI-ORE, RDF based Datamodel for eSciDoc publication items.

Definition of the Publication Item Aggregation[edit]

Publication item aggregation:

  • Publication components
  • Publication metadata
    • escidoc publication item xml
    • bibtex
    • endnote
    • APA (pdf)
    • APA (html)
    • APA (Snippet)
    • APA (rtf)
    • APA (odt)
    • AJP (pdf)
    • AJP (html)
    • AJP (Snippet)
    • AJP (rtf)
    • AJP (odt)

Publication item relations:

  • Item Versions - dcterms:hasVersion
  • Item Revisions - dcterms:hasVersion (?)
  • Person (Researcher Portfolio) - dc:creator.rdf:resource
  • Organization
  • Other occurrences of this publication (arxiv, pmc etc.) - rdfs:seeAlso
  • The html representation of this publication (pubman page) - rdfs:seeAlso
  • A collection - ore:isAggregatedBy

Please check and comment the aggregation example on the talk page.

Resource Map (ReM)[edit]

Name Value Namespace Comment
Description rdf Wrapper element. Can be description of:
* The ReM
* The Aggregation (A)
Description of ReM [Example]
Description@about rdf Identifier (URL) of this ReM
Description.describes ore
Description.describes@resource rdf Identifier (URL) of the Aggregation
Description.creator -- dc:terms Creator of this ReM, FoF Wrapper
name eSciDoc fof Creator of this ReM
page ??? fof Link to creator
rights e.g.: This Resource Map is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.5 Generic license dc
rights dc:terms
rights@resource e.g.: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/2.5/ rdf
Description.created dc:terms Creation date of this ReM
Description.modified dc:terms Last modification date of this ReM
Description of A [Example]
Description@about rdf Identifier (URL) of the described aggregation
Description.created dc:terms Creation date of this aggregation (in this case publication)
Description.modified dc:terms Last modification date of this aggregation (in this case publication)
similarTo ore Expressing non-protocol-based URIs like:
* escidoc identifier
* urn
seeAlso rdf e.g. link to html page, URIs
aggregates ore Resource which is part of the described aggregation
aggregates@resource rdf The identifier of an aggregated resource
isDescribedBy ore
isDescribedBy@resource rdf
isAggregatedBy ore Aggregated Resource is member of another Aggregation
isDescribedBy ore Aggregated Resource is itself an Aggregation
Metadata of A (for each aggregation) !To be discussed if escidoc or standard!