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This page contains the specification of author deposits in the PEER project.

The Author Deposit Scenario[edit]

Peer AuthorDepositWorkflow.jpg

Submission of Publications[edit]

Authors are invited to self deposit publications to the PEER repositories.


  • Status: in design


  • Depositor

Flow of Events[edit]

  • 1. The user chooses the PEER Depot for the deposit of its publication.
  • 2. The user can enter basic metadata by using a webform (Note: journal name is provided from a list)
  • 3. The user can upload a PDF file
    • 3.1. The system checks the file mimetype and gives an error message when the file is not recognized as application/pdf.
  • 4. The user needs to fill out a text shown on an image to avoid spamming (ReCAPTCHA mechanism)
  • 5. The user finalizes the submission by submitting the form
  • 6 The webform performs a simple validation if all mandatory fields are populated and if the uploaded file is a PDF file
    • 6.1. The webform content is validated successfully:
      • 6.1.1. The system shows a confirmation message (Peer Depot Functionality starts here, check whether to send email or not, see Open Questions below)
    • 6.2. The webform content is validated unsuccessfully:
      • 6.2.1. The system informs the user on missing/not populated mandatory fields, or wrong image recognition and asks the user to correct the entries and re-submit the form again. The use case ends unsuccessfully.
  • 7. The system packs the metadata and the PDF file into an archive and saves the content to a dedicated directory on the server (see Processing and Deposit of publications)
  • 8. The use case ends successfully.


  • The user can not decide to which repository his publication is deposited to, the publication will be deposited to all participating reps.
  • The user must select the journal name from a list
    • check if "auto suggest" is possible here

Open Questions[edit]

  • What are the minimal requirements of metadata (validation)?
  • In what format do we send the metadata to the PEER depot?
    • TEI format is preferred--Natasa 15:26, 15 September 2009 (UTC)
  • How do we talk to the FTP server? which host? which account credentials?
    • feedback to be provided via email
      • ftps is preferred method, Foudil will create an account --Natasa 15:28, 15 September 2009 (UTC)
  • How to formulate the confirmation message to be generic regarding the email upon successful submission
  • check if possible to calculate md5 on zip file, transfer zip file and md5 file (same file name as the zip file)

Additional Information[edit]

  • The basic deposit webform will be hosted at the MPDL (same server as Help Desk system).
  • see also reCaptcha home page

Processing and Deposit of Publications[edit]

Peer Help Desk Functionality (MPDL)[edit]

  • The metadata and files deposited via the Web Form are daily (or in frequency of X hours) sent via decided protocol (ftps) to the Peer Depot
    • File size limitation is: XX (no restriction on Peer Depot, check MPDL)
    • After successful transfer files are deleted
  • If the PEER depot is unavailable Peer Depot administrator will get an email asking for urgent action.
    • simple shell scripting?
  • All packages to be sent to Peer Depot older than X days will be automatically deleted (to be monitored) - depending on space limitation

Peer Depot functionality (INRIA)[edit]

  • duplicate checking
  • matching to publisher deposits of 100% metadata
  • preparing the repository deposit package
  • send email to authors after successful deposit to Repositories
  • What to do with the content which is not matched in PEER Depot with publisher deposits?
    • The deposited content may not much either because it is not PEER content or because publisher did not provide corresponding article
      • remove after some time?
      • ask publisher for deposit (based on the Journal name of author deposit)


Authors need to provide the following metadata from the deposit form:

Label Occurence {min, max} Description Comment
dc:title {1,1} Article title
dc:creator {1,1} Corresponding Author's name: Last Name, First Name, MiddleName optional Should there be other authors as well? Info Foudil: other authors do not have to be provided, only the single corresponding author is provided
foaf:mbox { 0,1} Corresponding Author's email
dc:description {0, 1} Abstract Info Foudil: Not needed--Natasa 15:25, 15 September 2009 (UTC)
dc:date {0,1} Date of publication Should not this be date of acceptance? Info Foudil:not needed
dc:type {0,1} Type of publication Mapped to info:eu-repo/semantics/article, info:eu-repo/semantics/acceptedVersion Info Foudil: not needed
dc:source {1,1} Journal name Selected from list of journals during depositing

In this case:

Note: the namespaces can differ, depending if TEI should be delivered