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Brainstorming: Finding another name for PubMan[edit]

Searching Google for pubman shows that the term is already used for similar solutions (and even trademarked?), but also refers to males visiting pubs regularly. We might search for another name for this individual solution or for a family of solutions to avoid any confusion...

Publication Solution[edit]

Following proposals are concretely referring to the publication/distribution aspect:

  • DINO = Distributing INstitutional Output
  • POMP = Platform for Online Management of Publications

Family of Solutions[edit]

These suggestions emphasize the aspect of building a generic architecture to store and manage digital objects

  • S3UMO / S'UMO = Scientific Support System for Unified Management of Objects
  • S3UMI / S'UMI = Scientific Service System for Universal Management of Information
  • XDW = eXtensible Data Workbench

Solutionzusätze z.B. XDW Print, XDW Faces, XDW Publish, SUMI Book, SUMO Scan usw.

Wie wäre es mit "eSciDoc.Publication" ?