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On Friday, June 6 2008 the MPDL CoLab Wiki was updated to Mediawiki 1.12. This is a collection of the resultant improvements and changes:


  • On pages, where the group based access control is in use, the information This page is only accessible for group ... !!! is automatically displayed on top of the page. There is no need for an additional information anymore.
  • Several Bugs concerning the design of the Calendar plug-in have been solved. For details see Talk:Calendar.
  • Known Bugs concerning the specification of the tag cloud plug-in have been solved. For details see Colab Plug-in.


  • The template Tnavbar is now causing profund css damage, especially when using the MS Internet Explorer. Therefore the template will probably be deleted. See the Tnavbar discussion for details.


If you discover problems, bugs, etc., please explain them here: CoLab Feedback.