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This page shall contain every change that is made during a qa release of the version mentioned above. If it's not here, it never happened!

PubMan 6.2 Release[edit]

Affected Servers[edit]

PubMan EAR[edit]

PubMan Properties[edit]

  • New Yearbook properties
    • new property (see #Activate Yearbook functionality): (id of the content model for yearbook items)
    • new property: (id of the current yearbook context)

  • New/Changed Presentation properties
    • new property: escidoc.pubman.logo.url=/pubman/resources/images/pubman_logo.png
    • new property: escidoc.pubman.common.presentation.url= (Path to the stylesheets / common_presentation).
    • change stylesheet url properties to new common resources url: escidoc.pubman.stylesheet.XXXXX.url=/common/resources/cssFramework/themes/skin_XXXXXX/styles/theme.css

  • Enable "Browse by iso639-3" by adding it to the property: escidoc.cone.subjectVocab=ddc;mpipks;iso639-3

  • new property for edoc import: escidoc.transformation.edoc.configuration.filename=transformations/otherFormats/conf/
please add info on survey properties

  • New customisation properties:
    • new property: escidoc.pubman.home.content.url= (optional, external html content that can be displayed on the homepage. Different Languages are supported by adding the locale (.de, .en etc.) to the end of the provided file)
    • new property: escidoc.pubman.survey.url= (optional, url to a survey which is displayed as link on every item page)
    • new property: escidoc.pubman.survey.title= (optional, title of the survey which is displayed as link on every item page)
    • new property: escidoc.pubman.survey.text= (optional, description of the survey link which is displayed as link on every item page)

PubMan Apache[edit]

  • new context common:
    • In /etc/apache2/vhosts.d/pubman.conf the following line has to be inserted:
ProxyPass /common ajp://localhost:8009/common retry=5

Core Infrastructure[edit]

  • New indexing stylesheet (the one from dev-pubman) due to new compound indexes for file search has to be used.
  • Reindex for items with files necessary

Core Properties[edit]

Install new XPDF version and set the path in gsearch.pdfTextExtractorCommand = /usr/bin/pdftotext -cfg /etc/xpdfrc <inputfile> <outputfile>

Core Database[edit]

Change Hypersonic-DB for jms to PostgreSQL[edit]

Change_Hypersonic DB on Jboss to another DB

Validation Database[edit]

DROP TABLE escidoc_validation_schema IF EXISTS;
DROP TABLE escidoc_validation_schema_snippets IF EXISTS;
  • JBoss has to be restarted afterwards to load the new validation schemas

Migration database[edit]

  • shall be switched to postgres and not to the hypersonic database (NOTE: large impact on MyItems, QA Workspace first pages when there are more imports, tested on local instances with various numbers of entries in local HsqlDB and Migration database switched to postgres: without index MyItems first page populated for ca 50 secs, with additional indexes the time spent is only the time needed to retrieve from coreservice)
*also the following indexes shall be created (to help import pull-down lists populate faster)
 CREATE INDEX escidoc_import_log_context
 ON escidoc_import_log
 USING btree
 CREATE INDEX escidoc_import_startdate
 ON escidoc_import_log
 USING btree
 CREATE INDEX escidoc_import_userid
 ON escidoc_import_log
 USING btree
 CREATE INDEX escidoc_import_userid_startdate
 ON escidoc_import_log
 USING btree
 (userid, startdate);

CoNE Database (all except[edit]

HINT: If the CoNE upload does not work, switch the cone context in the Apache configuration from ajp to http.

  • Execute
delete from triples where subject in (
	select t1.subject from triples t1 left join triples t2 on t1.subject = t2.object where t1.model is null and t2.subject is null

delete from matches m1 where in ( select id from matches left join triples on id = subject where subject is null);
delete from results r1 where in ( select id from results left join triples on id = subject where subject is null);

Data Migration[edit]

eSciDoc Admin[edit]

Activate Yearbook functionality[edit]

  • Create a new content model and set the id in
  • Create a new context with type "yearbook" and set the id in
  • User management:

Local YB Admin

  • Can create Yearbook item
  • Can edit YB item (add/remove members)
  • Can release YB item
  • Required Grants:
    • Depositor for YB Context
    • User Account Admin
    • User Group Admin

YB Assistant

  • Can edit YB item (add/remove members)
  • Required Grants:
    • Must join the user group that is automatically created by Local YB admin during YB item creation
    • Local YB can choose the assistants during creation of item, or, later on, use escidocadmin to add them to the user group

Global YB Admin

  • Can view released YB items
  • Can export released YB items
  • Required Grants:
    • Depositor for YB context (not needed anymore after redesigning the yearbook [PubMan 7.1.3]) - Mwalter 09:07, 16 November 2012 (CET)
    • Moderator for YB context