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This page shall contain every change that is made during a qa release of the version mentioned above. If it's not here, it never happened!

PubMan 7.2 Release[edit]

Affected Servers[edit]


Coreservice Apache[edit]

Coreservice JBoss[edit]

Core Infrastructure[edit]

  • upgrade to eSciDoc Framework 1.3.7 using; replace escidoc-core.ear, fedoragsearch.war, saxon.war, srw.war in JBoss deploy directory

Core Properties[edit]

  •, add property:
 # Defines the cron-expression for the index-optimizer. 
 # cron expression: seconds minutes hours day-of-month month day-of-week 
 # if reindexing lots of objects, switch optimizing off. 
 # * * * * 1 ? (where 1 is month that is not current month)
 # In normal environments, run it once a day at 2 am. 
 # 0 0 2 * * ? 0 2 * * ?

check (property value without handle) = http://localhost:8080/pidmanager/pid/

Core Index Properties[edit]

  • search/config/index/.../*
 #default number of records to return per page
 #default number of scan terms to return per page

  • switch index mode of index item_container_admin to synchron in

Core Lucene Index[edit]

PubMan EAR[edit]

  • pubman_ear-7.2.1.ear

PubMan Properties[edit]

  • <>escidoc:287053</> create after creating the new yearbook context
  • property has to fit the Max Plack Society!


  • escidoc.pubman.stylesheet.* adjusted correctly?
  • <>escidoc:role-cone-closed-vocabulary-editor</>
  • <escidoc.cone.service.url>http://localhost:8080/cone/</escidoc.cone.service.url>
  • update, already prepared as,

PubMan Apache[edit]

PubMan JBoss[edit]


Validation Database[edit]

  • validation schemas have been modified: rebuild of validation database is necessary

Migration database[edit]

CoNE Database (all except[edit]

eSciDoc Admin[edit]

Data Migration[edit]

PubMan Software Homepage[edit]