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This page shall contain every change that is made during a qa release of the version mentioned above. If it's not here, it never happened!

PubMan 7.5 Release[edit]

Affected Servers[edit]

Prepare read only system[edit]


Coreservice Apache[edit]

Coreservice JBoss[edit]

Core Infrastructure[edit]

Core Properties[edit]

Core Index Properties[edit]

Core Lucene Index[edit]

  • copy xslt stylesheet from subversion to /usr/share/jboss/server/default/conf/search/config/index/escidoc_all
  • switch off optimize in, e.g. 0 2 1 12 ?
  • restart coreservice and reindex
  • switch on optimize again

PubMan EAR[edit]

  • deploy pubman_ear-7.5.x.ear

PubMan Properties[edit]

  • Change escidoc.pubman.logo.url to "/resources/images/pure_logo_web.png" (without /pubman)
 New property: escidoc.pubman.logo.css. Can be empty for PuRe logo.
  • add property for extracting technical metadata to
 #Component used for extracting technical metadata. Possible values are tika or jhove.
  • New property for handles:

Transformation Properties[edit]

  • patch transformation.jar

PubMan Apache[edit]

PubMan JBoss[edit]


Validation Database[edit]

Migration database[edit]

  • upgrade import db and CoNE db located on to Postgres 9.x
  • clean up escidoc statistic tables on srv01


  • Updated models.xml. Evtl copy from cone/src/main/resources/models.xml to /usr/share/jboss/server/default/conf/models.xml
  • New models.xml also contains new subject classification for MPI for Nuclear Physics. They have to be imported into CoNE: File:Mpinp.xml

eSciDoc Admin[edit]

Data Migration[edit]

PubMan Software Homepage[edit]



  • Undo MPIC-CoNE Workaround

New classification[edit]


  • Add Piwik snippet to Footer.jspf