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This page shall contain every change that is made during a qa release of the version mentioned above. If it's not here, it never happened!

PubMan 7.6 Release[edit]

Affected Servers[edit]

Prepare read only system[edit]


Coreservice Apache[edit]

Coreservice JBoss[edit]

  • add file-encoding (UTF-8) to java opts (done bk)

Core Infrastructure[edit]

Core Properties[edit]

Core Index Properties[edit]

Core Lucene Index[edit]

  • copy fedoragsearch.war and srw.war from .... to /usr/share/jboss/server/default/deploy (done gs)
  • copy xslt stylesheets from subversion to /usr/share/jboss/server/default/conf/search/config/index/escidoc_all respectively item_container_admin (done gs)
  • switch off optimize in, e.g. 0 2 1 12 ?
  • switch on bulk reindex mode in JBOSS_HOME/conf/search/config/index/escidoc_all/ and .../item_container_admin/, by adding the following lines
 #Use this property for bulk index operations: the index is hold in memory until ramBufferSize is reached.
 #Make sure this property does not conflict with fgsindex.maxBufferedDocs.
 gsindex.ramBufferSizeMb = 2048
  • restart coreservice and reindex (all indexes)
  • switch off bulk reindex mode (uncomment the lines added) and switch on optimize again, restart coreservice

PubMan EAR[edit]

  • deploy pubman_ear-7.6.3.ear (done gs)
  • explode pubman_ear-7.6.3.ear

PubMan Properties[edit]

Transformation Properties[edit]

PubMan Apache[edit]

PubMan JBoss[edit]

  • add file-encoding (UTF-8) to java opts (done bk)

PubMan PidCache[edit]

  • make sure that the pid queue is empty
  • copy pidcache hypersonic db from live with latest sync
  • disable gwdg Test user (001Z) and activate gwdg user 001M; same for password settings. Set escidoc.pidcache.cache.size.max=50000


Validation Database[edit]

  • drop validation database tables after hypersonic database has been moved from srv03 (see issue Pidcache)

Migration database[edit]


eSciDoc Admin[edit]

  • should work after DNS entries have been changed for and

Data Migration[edit]

PubMan Software Homepage[edit]


  • copy OAI-Provider from srv011:/home/siedersleben to /usr/share/jboss/server/default/deploy (done gs)
    • check if clearing DB (proai) and /tmp/proai3_0 is needed
  • copy validation-schemas for publication and simple
    • think of escaping the quotes and check the ampersands