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This page shall contain every change that is made during a qa release of the version mentioned above. If it's not here, it never happened!

PubMan 7.9.2 Release[edit]

  • DOI generation

doxy server[edit]

  • /usr/share/tomcat8/conf/, disable test mode
  • restart tomcat (rctomcat8 start/stop)

Wildfly PuRe[edit]

  • doxi server configuration
escidoc.doi.service.url = ""
escidoc.doi.service.create.url = "/doxi/rest/doi"
escidoc.doi.service.user = PuRe user (create in DOxI)
escidoc.doi.service.password = PuRe user password (create in DOxI)

escidoc.transformation.doi.stylesheet.filename = transformations/otherFormats/xslt/escidoc2doi.xsl