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This page describes the transformation of the eSciDoc Metadata Set Publication to metadata formats defined in the OpenURL 1.0 framework, in particular to

The specification is considered to replace the current COinS mapping defined on PubMan_Display#COinS.

Format Name[edit]

Source: OpenURL
Target: escidoc-publication


OpenURL Element eSciDoc Publication Remarks
ctx_ver "Z39.88-2004"
rft_val_fmt "info:ofi/fmt:kev:mtx:book" if Genre = "Book" or "Book Item" or "Proceedings" or "Report" or "Manual" or "Manuscript" or "Working Paper"
rft_val_fmt "info:ofi/fmt:kev:mtx:book" else if Genre = "Thesis"
rft_val_fmt "info:ofi/fmt:kev:mtx:journal" else
rfr_id "info:sid/"
rft.genre Genre mapping of genre terms required
rft.atitle Title if Genre = "Article" or "Book Item" or "Conference Proceeeding", etc...
rft.btitle Title if Genre = "Book" or "Proceeding", etc...
rft.title First Source.Title needs to be revised!
rft.aulast Creator.Person.Lastname of first author only
rft.aufirst Creator.Person.Firstname of first author only Creator.Person.Completename for all users, concatenated by semicolon
rft.issn First Source.Identifier or Identifier of type ISSN
rft.isbn First Source.Identifier or Identifier of type ISBN
rft_id “info:doi/“ and first Source.Identifier of type DOI add pmid?
rft.volume First Source.Volume
rft.issue First Source.Issue
rft.pages First Source.Pages Date, if more than one publication dates is available only one should be included in following order:
  1. DateType = published in print
  2. DateType = published online
  3. DateType = accepted
  4. DateType = submitted
  5. DateType = modified
  6. DateType = created