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Format Name[edit]

Source: BMC
Target: escidoc-publication

BioMed Central - PubMan Mapping[edit]


BioMed Central Element PubMan Metadata Set Attribute Description
ArticleSet.Article Publication set type="article" and Publication.Source set type="journal" -- Root envelop
ArticleSet.Article.Journal.PublisherName Publication.Source.PublishingInfo.Publisher --
ArticleSet.Article.Journal.JournalTitle Publication.Source.Title --
ArticleSet.Article.Journal.Issn Publication.Source.Identifier set Type="eidt:ISSN" --
ArticleSet.Article.Journal.Volume Publication.Source.Volume --
ArticleSet.Article.Journal.Issue Publication.Source.Issue --
ArticleSet.Article.Journal.PubDate.Year Publication.Date pubStatus see pubStatus mapping
ArticleSet.Article.Journal.PubDate.Month Publication.Date pubStatus see pubStatus mapping
ArticleSet.Article.Journal.PubDate.Day Publication.Date pubStatus see pubStatus mapping
ArticleSet.Article.Replaces not mapped -- The identifier of the article that this one replaces.
ArticleSet.Article.ArticleTitle Publication.Title --
ArticleSet.Article.VernacularTitle Publication.AlternativeTitle -- The article title in the original language, if not in English. Used only for Latin based alphabets.
ArticleSet.Article.FirstPage Publication.Source.StartPage -- not mapped LZero How to handle leading zeros
ArticleSet.Article.LastPage Publication.Source.EndPage --
ArticleSet.Article.ELocationID Publication.Source.SequenceNumber --
ArticleSet.Article.ELocationID.ValidYN.Y/N not mapped ValidYN
ArticleSet.Article.AuthorList.Author Publication.Creator set role = "Author" --
ArticleSet.Article.AuthorList.Author.FirstName Publication.Creator.Person.GivenName --
ArticleSet.Article.AuthorList.Author.MiddleName add to Publication.Creator.Person.GivenName --
ArticleSet.Article.AuthorList.Author.LastName Publication.Creator.Person.FamilyName --
ArticleSet.Article.AuthorList.Author.Suffix not mapped -- The Author's suffix, if any, e.g. "Jr", "Sr", "II", "IV". Does not include honorific titles, e.g. "M.D.", "Ph.D.".
ArticleSet.Article.AuthorList.Author.CollectiveName Publication.Creator set role = "Author"
-- The name of the authoring committee or organization. CollectiveName can be used instead of or in addition to a personal name.
Note: Create own creator block.
ArticleSet.Article.AuthorList.Author.Affiliation Publication.Creator.Person.Organization.Name --
ArticleSet.Article.GroupList.Group not mapped -- No example could be found how this field is used
ArticleSet.Article.GroupList.Group.GroupName not mapped --
ArticleSet.Article.GroupList.Group.IndividualName not mapped --
ArticleSet.Article.GroupList.Group.IndividualName.MiddleName not mapped --
ArticleSet.Article.GroupList.Group.IndividualName.LastName not mapped --
ArticleSet.Article.GroupList.Group.IndividualName.Suffix not mapped --
ArticleSet.Article.GroupList.Group.IndividualName.Affiliation not mapped --
ArticleSet.Article.PublicationType not mapped -- Used to identify the type of article. The only available PublicationTypes are NEWS, LETTER or EDITORIAL. The default value, JOURNAL ARTICLE, will be added to citations if this tag is left blank or an invalid PublicationType is used.
Short: a refinement of the genre article, which we do not have in PubMan
ArticleSet.Article.ArticleIdList.ArticleId.IdType.doi Publication.Identifier set Type="dcterms:DOI" idType
ArticleSet.Article.ArticleIdList.ArticleId.IdType.pii Publication.Identifier set Type="pii" idType
ArticleSet.Article.ArticleIdList.ArticleId.IdType.pmcpid Publication.Identifier set Type="other" idType set prefix pmcpid:
ArticleSet.Article.ArticleIdList.ArticleId.IdType.pmpid Publication.Identifier set Type="other" idType set prefix pmpid:
ArticleSet.Article.ArticleIdList.ArticleId.IdType.pubmed Publication.Identifier set Type="pmid" idType
ArticleSet.Article.ArticleIdList.ArticleId.IdType.medline Publication.Identifier set Type="other" idType set prefix medline:
ArticleSet.Article.ArticleIdList.ArticleId.IdType.pmcid Publication.Identifier set Type="pmc" idType
ArticleSet.Article.History.PubDate.Year Publication.Date pubStatus see pubStatus mapping
ArticleSet.Article.History.PubDate.Month Publication.Date pubStatus see pubStatus mapping
ArticleSet.Article.History.PubDate.Day Publication.Date pubStatus see pubStatus mapping
ArticleSet.Article.Abstract Publication.Abstract -- The abstract element can contain markup which we have to parse out
ArticleSet.Article.OtherAbstract Publication.Abstract -- The abstract element can contain markup which we have to parse out
ArticleSet.Article.CopyrightInformation dc:rights -- Default(copyright):
ArticleSet.Article.ObjectList.Param.Type.Name not mapped Type = freetext Could not find example

PubStatus Mapping[edit]

Mapping of PubStatus Type to PubMan DateType:

PubStatus PubMan DateType Description
received submitted date manuscript received for review
accepted accepted accepted for publication
epublish published online
ppublish (default) published in print
revised modified article revised by publisher or author
aheadofprint published online electronically published, but followed by print
pmc not mapped Record is available in PubMed Central
pmcr not mapped ???
pubmed not mapped Record is available in PubMed
pubmedr not mapped ???
premedline not mapped this is a record in process of creation Medline - record is part of the Medline data
medline not mapped Record is available in medline
medliner not mapped ???

If no PubStatus is provided DateType should be 'published in print' (default).


This mapping bases on the BioMed Central pubmed schema which is an extension of the NCBI pubmed schema (see references).

XML Examples[edit]