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Format Name

Source: Spires
Target: escidoc-publication

Spires - PubManPublication Management Mapping

High-Energy Physics Literature Database.


Spires Element PubMan Metadata Set Comment
results -- Wrapper
document Publication set type="conference-paper" This is special requirement from GOLM
title Publication.Title
doi Publication.Identifier set Type="dcterms:DOIDigital Object Identifier"
authaffgrp -- Wrapper Publication.Creator set role = "Author"
authaffgrp.aff Publication.Creator.Person.Organization.Name
collaboration -- Not mapped
journal Publication.Source set type="journal" Wrapper Publication.Source.Title
journal.volume Publication.Source.Volume Publication.Source.StartPage
journal.year -- Not mapped
citecount -- Not mapped
date Publication.Date (DateType = published online) If month and day equals zero (20080000) => import only year
If day equals zero (20080100) => only year, month is imported (2008-01)
report_num Publication.Subject.FreeKeywords
pages TotalNumberOfPages
spicite -- Not mapped
eprint Publication.Identifier (Type="URIUniform Resource Identifier")
spires_key Publication.Identifier (Type="Other") Use Prefix spires (like spires:123)
conference -- Wrapper
conference.Name Publication.Event.Title
conference.slac_cnum -- Not mapped
conference.dates Publication.Event.StartDate Date Format like 20070902
Only if conference.dater is not provided
conference.dater Publication.Event.StartDate Date Format like 2-7 Sep 2007
conference.address Publication.Event.Place
conference.submit Not mapped As this is freetext, it is hard to map


Do we actually have to handle them different? As the user decides what items he wants to import into PubManPublication Management. --Kleinfercher 09:21, 16 December 2008 (UTCCoordinated Universal Time)
Unfortunatly i can not fetch this information, this service seems to be for displaying purpose only.--Kleinfercher 14:37, 16 December 2008 (UTCCoordinated Universal Time)
  • SPIRESStanford Public Information REtrieval System is going to implement a OAI-pmh till end of 2009.

XMLExtensible Markup Language Examples


  • I found items in the repositorys which do not have a standard identifier (We won't be able to fetch them)

Possible Identifiers

  1. arXiv IDIdentifier (arXiv:0812.2902)
  2. arxiv IDIdentifier old (hep-ph/0001001)
  3. DOIDigital Object Identifier (10.1016/J.NIMA.2008.08.135)
  4. Spires Internal (7999488)

The dataAcquisition service will be enhanced as it now accepts diffenerent identifier types for one source. For Spires it will accept arxiv identifier and DOIDigital Object Identifier.

(I think Spires internal identifier will not be used)