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Yearbook in Pubman[edit]

Technical Realization[edit]

Yearbook Item[edit]

  • The yearbook is handled as an eSciDoc item
  • It requires an own content model, the id must be set in
  • It requires an own context of type "yearbook", the id must be set in
  • Yearbook members are added as references to the yearbook item
  • Yearbook candidates are specified as an CQL query which is added to the yearbook as first local tag.
  • Metadata record:
    • Title of the item contains the yearbook title
    • Beside the CQL queries in the local tags, additionally all candidate requirements are specified in the dc:subject part of the metadata record. Therefore, the index names of the escidoc_all index is used (e.g. first subject: escidoc.any-organization-pids="escidoc:1234"). This information is used to create the non-candidates query.

Yearbook User Roles[edit]

Local YB Admin

  • Can create Yearbook item (only for his organization!)
  • Can edit YB item (add/remove members)
  • Can release YB item
  • Required Grants:
    • Depositor for YB Context
    • User Account Admin
    • User Group Admin

YB Assistant

  • Can edit YB item (add/remove members)
  • Required Grants:
    • Must join the user group that is automatically created by Local YB admin during YB item creation
    • Local YB can choose the assistants during creation of item, or, later on, use escidocadmin to add them to the user group

Global YB Admin

  • Can view released YB items
  • Can export released YB items
  • Required Grants:
    • Depositor for YB context
    • Moderator for YB context

Working with Pubman yearbooks[edit]

Creation of an Yearbook item[edit]

  • Local YB Admin logs into Pubman
  • The "Yearbook Workspace" is available in the workspace menu
  • If no yearbook item for this user is found, a message is displayed and asks the user to create one.
  • The user can select a title, a date range, the collections and assistants for the yearbook. The organization is automatically selected from the user's organization and cannot be changed.
  • The item with the candidates query is created. If a yearbook item for the organization already exists, an error message is displayed.
  • A user group for the assistants is created.
  • Finally, the YB workspace with the candidates is displayed.

Editing the yearbook[edit]

The user can choose between four sub-workspaces:

  • Candidates: Displays the candidates for the yearbook in a list. Items can be marked and added to the Yearbook.
  • Members: Displays the items which were already added to the yearbook. Items can be removed and the complete Yearbook can be validated. By closing the yearbook from here, it can't be edited anymore and is ready to go into the MPG yearbook. Closing a yearbook is only possible if all of the members pass the hard validation rules.
  • Validation Results: Displays a list of items which did not validate together with their validation messages. Hard validation errors are displayed in red, soft are displayed in green.
  • Non-candidates: Displays items which are not candidates, but in the same collection and organization.
  • Only released items can be added to the yearbook
  • If a yearbook member is edited, it must be released again for the changes to come into the yearbook. Otherwise, the latest release is kept