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On this page, all functionalities of the current PubMan release can be found. The page will be updated with every new release.


  • Easy Submission in three steps (limited metadata)
  • Full Submission using a detailed mask
  • Document type specific submission
  • Copy and paste of multiple authors
  • Direct allocation of Organizational Units (OUs) to certain persons
  • Provision of various creator roles
  • Upload files from local computer or from external references using an URL
  • MD5 checksum for uploaded files
  • Provision of locators to files stored on external servers
  • Provision of copyright information, Creative Commons (CC)–licenses to full texts, embargo dates
  • Provision of access rights to full texts: public/private/restricted (for defined user groups)
  • Auto suggest lists for author names, journals, subjects (e.g. individual classifications; based on CoNE Identifier), dates, language (ISO 639-3) and OUs
  • Provision of local tags
  • Fetch (meta)data and files from: arXiv, PubMed Central, BioMed Central, and SPIRES
  • Multiple Import from EndNote, WoS, RIS, BibTeX (incl. link to full text) or eDoc
  • Import Workspace
  • Batch operations for imported items (delete, release)
  • Customizable validation rules for individual contexts


  • Quick Search
  • Advanced Search
    • Autosuggest lists for CoNE authors and OUs
  • Browse by:
    • Organization
    • CoNE author
    • year
    • subject
  • Search in full texts (pdf, doc, txt, xml), incl. highlighting of search term in the results. Direct navigation to all locations within a pdf, where the search term can be found.

Researcher Portfolio[edit]

  • Automatically generated by CoNE
  • All publications of an author (optionally: with personal information, photo, CV, etc.)
  • Diplay of the OUs affiliated the author (optionally using time information to distinguish between actual and former positions)
  • Look-up in WorldCat and google Scholar


  • Automatic working versions (when changing metadata or number of full texts)
  • Intellectual versions (revisions) for relations
  • Roll back item to an earlier version

Help/ Comfort features[edit]

  • Blog integration on the homepage (News)
  • Context-sensitive help
  • Screencasts
  • Multilingualism (german, englisch, japanese)
  • "Change password" functionality


  • Simple Workflow: Save or direct Release by user, additional changes possible
  • Standard Workflow: Save or Submit by depositor, Accept or Send back for rework by moderator – Release by moderator. Additional changes possible by moderator and by depositor
  • E-Mail contact for a specific item ("Contact Moderator"). E-Mail-Adress can be defined for each institute
  • Workspaces: My Items, QA (Quality Assurance) Workspace, Import Workspace, Yearbook Workspace

Export/ Re-use[edit]

  • Export of single items or lists (sorted) in EndNote, BibTeX, XML
  • Exports available for download or via E-Mail
  • Support of citation styles APA or AJP, in RTF, ODT, PDF, HTML (plain, linked, formatted) or as Snippet (XML)
  • Basket export
  • Alternative list views (bibliographic list, table view)
  • RSS/ATOM feeds
  • support for search engine indexing (e.g. google) via sitemaps
  • Bookmarking Services (delicious, connotea, CiteULike)
  • Search & Export (REST) interface for integration of data in local web pages
  • Interface to Open Search and Zotero
  • Changes of Style sheet via Browser
  • Access on „private“ full texts for defined „privileged viewers“
  • Special plugin for integration of content in WordPress blogs

Supporting Services & Solutions[edit]


  • Counts on accessed metadata and/or full texts (by logged-in/ anonymous users)
  • Visualization