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You have troubles using MPG.PuReMPG Publication Repository?
You found a bug?
Contact the PuRe Support Team

You want to deploy PubManPublication Management on your own?
You have troubles in installing PubManPublication Management?
Join the PubMan Developer Community.

Join the Community

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The mailing list is an open forum for current and future Max Planck Society internal users of MPG.PuReMPG Publication Repository, sharing ideas and comments on current and future development. Please post in German;-)

The mailing list is for questions, discussion and announcements concerning functional issues of the PubManPublication Management usage. PubManPublication Management users from in- and outside the Max Planck Society are welcome to subscribe here. Please post in English;-)

You find news on releases, FAQFrequently Asked Questions, training material, related events or recommended readings

Demos & Material

Guide through PubManPublication Management

Here you can find an extensive Guide through all functionalities of PubManPublication Management. The Guide contains many screenshots and is available in German.

Concepts & Specification

Scenarios, use cases and underlying concepts are completely documented and freely available in our Wiki

Promotional Material

File:PubMan Flyer.pdf

File:Handout PubMan v5.pdf

How-To Videos

If you want to get an idea on the PubManPublication Management functionalities, please have a look at the PubManPublication Management introduction video, which explains the functionalities for not logged in PubManPublication Management users.

If you want to start contributing and modifying content in PubManPublication Management, you might be interested in the following videos: