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General Rules for Metadata Mapping to RDF[edit]

Item Startnode[edit]

  • the first triple describing an item starts with the value of the system (escidoc-id) identifier as triple subject
  • e.g.: escidoc:42365456 dc:title "This is my book"

1:1 Connections[edit]

  • elements that can occur atmost 1 times are represented as direct predicates of the startnode.
  • e.g.: PND:56235 foaf:lastname "Maier"

1:* Connections with types[edit]

  • elements that can occur many times are represented with two triples, the second one for typification
  • e.g.: escidoc:5676598 dc:identifier isbn:3234-5656-X. isbn:3234-5656-X rdf:type "ISBN"
    • as far as i know literals cannot be subjects for rdf triples. you'd rather need an intermediate node to attach type info and literal value to.Robert 09:50, 16 January 2009 (UTC)
      • you're right. Thnx.--Kurt 09:05, 19 January 2009 (UTC)

Label Namespace Datatype
identifier dc xs:anyURI
family_name foaf Literal
givenname foaf Literal
alternativename e Literal
depiction foaf xs:anyURI
identifier.type rdf Literal
identifier.description dc Literal
subject dc Literal
degree e Literal
award e Literal
affiliation e Bag
organisation.identifier dc xs:anyURI
organisation.start-date e xs:date
organisation.end-date e xs:date
organisation.position e Literal
organisation.name e Literal
organisation.status e Literal
organisation.email vcard ?
person-activity-status e Literal
email vcard ?
tel vcard ?