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  • The scientists wants to provide an individual entry point to his research stored in the repository, aligned with personal information.
  • The public user has found an interesting publication and wants to see more publications of the author.
  • The public user is interested in the researcher portfolio of a specific author.

Functional Specification

UCUse Case View researcher portfolio/profile

Status: implemented

Schedule: R4.1

  • can be triggered from view item version (e.g. icon), with the condition, that the person related to a publication must have an authorized CONEControl of Named Entities person ID to provide his researcher portfolio

Data structure supported by CONEControl of Named Entities

  • Researcher portfolio is generated on demand, by searching all publications related to this CONEControl of Named Entities Person IDIdentifier
  • The query returns all released publications related to the person IDIdentifier.
  • A standard layout of publication list is shown,including the personal information of the person as stored in the CONE service .
  • The user can query external name authority services when viewing the profile (look-up services for Kaken, WorldCat, ResearcherID, PND, Google Scholar)
  • The external photo is integrated by URLUniform Resource Locator.
  • The Publication list rendered is sorted by most-recent date, descending.


  • The presentation of the researcher portfolio will be in the CONEControl of Named Entities Service, as this portfolio may contain informations from various escidoc solutions (at the moment only from PubManPublication Management).
  • The GUIGraphical User Interface (css) of the researcher portfolio presentation should be escidoc specific, but well distinguishable from PubManPublication Management.
  • The presentation of the researcher portfolio will be in English, an extra page in CONEControl of Named Entities service will be needed to provide a translation of the researcher portfolio in e.g. japanese letters.
  • NIMSNational Institute for Materials Science Japan wants it to be visible on the researcher profile who last modified it and when.
  • There will be an alphabetic sorting for the displayed org units (if a person belongs to more than one org unit).

Comments on data structure

Future development

  • Provide functionality to define own layout of researcher portfolio
  • Search within researcher portfolio
  • The scientist wants to modify and update his portfolio. He wants to have easy possibility to organize the content on his portfolio, upload content, remove or add certain publications, re-arrange them.
  • Contact author (when visiting the researcher profile, link to email. check for spam/hacks)
  • Propsal: social bookmarking services for researcher portfolio--Kleinfercher 07:59, 15 January 2009 (UTCCoordinated Universal Time)
  • Export the researcher portfolio in FOAFFriend of a Friend Project profile
  • Provide internationalized researcher portfolios (e.g. in Japanese)
  • Provide information on researcher portfolio on who/when last modification (requirement NIMSNational Institute for Materials Science Japan)