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Faces User groups[edit]

ViRR User groups[edit]

Browsing / Viewing:

  1. Scientist
    • Is specialist in the law of the Holy Roman Empire
    • Looks for a special information which is within the content of ViRR
    • Wants to read a special law which is part of one of the ViRR books
  2. External User
    • Doesn't know anything about the content of ViRR or about the law of the Holy Roman Empire
    • Is curious to what is behind ViRR
    • Wants to get a good overview in a short time about the whole content of ViRR


  1. Librarian
    • Currently one person (M.F.)
    • Knows the original books
    • Decides which structural elements are relevant to be part of the table of contents of one book
    • Prepares the book for the scientist, who will work on the books afterwards (but not with the editing interface)
    • Is used to the eBinds editor (documentation can be found here).
    • Likes to have an environment for the editing of metadata.

PubMan User groups[edit]


  • main scenarios:
    • submission (mediated deposit for scientists)
    • generation of publication lists (search and export) for re-use
    • ingestion of references from external databases or local bibliografic management software (e.g. endnote)
    • quality assurance activities, especially enriching metadata before and after releasing
  • level of experience:
    • medium to high
    • used to bibliografic-, metadata-related environments (library catalogs, databases)


  • main scenarios:
    • generation of publication lists (search and export)
    • easy submission of own data
    • quality assurance activities, especially releasing data for own organisational unit
  • level of experience:
    • low to medium

External User

  • main scenarios:
    • search for specific author, title, organisational unit
    • export relevant data
  • level of experience:
    • low to medium