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UC_FAC_UM_01 Log on to the system[edit]

As long as the standard mechanism provided by the coreservices is used this use-case is fine. --Natasa 14:27, 25 August 2008 (UTC)

UC_FAC_UM_02 Log off from the system[edit]

UC_FAC_UM_03 View account users list[edit]

UC_FAC_UM_04 Create account user[edit]

UC_FAC_UM_05 Edit account user[edit]

UC_FAC_UM_06 Deactivate account user[edit]

UC_FAC_UM_07 Confirm account user[edit]

User States[edit]

User Roles[edit]

Account User Metadata Set[edit]

Kristina 10:31, 23 December 2008 (UTC):

  • The Admin Solution does not support the saving of more personal data as currently possible (name, organization, e.mail). But it is planned to set up an Identity Provider (IDP), which will displace the Admin Solution.
  • To save the metadata about an account user in the IDP, eduPerson can be used. Therefore we need "Person resource" (describes a person; means to have a person item). But if "Person resource" will be provided depends also on the FIZ and will be decided in a later step (when the IDP is set up and working).