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Scenarios needing new user role

  • User without create collection role
    • for instance a student which should edit some images, but should not be allowed to create and upload own images
  • Define the visibility of item besides of its status (pending/released)
    • Can be used to show pictures before releasing it.
    • Can be defined via an album or a collection (to avoid to define the visibility over all the single images).

User role concept

  • Instead of defining a set of user roles, with a each a predefined set of privileges, we define a set of possible actions. Then the admin can define what each user is allowed to do.
  • User group can be inculed?
  • List of imeji actions:
    • Create collection
    • Create album
    • Upload files
    • Edit Files
    • Edit Profile
    • Remove files
    • Remove Collection
    • Remove album
    • Release/Withdraw Collection
    • Release/Withdraw album
    • View Files