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Mapping of TEI Fields[edit]

  • Author/Editor:
    • Add to address (?)
    • Map to: Event.StartDate, Event.EndDate, Here we should provide an example to know if we can distinguish between start and enddate



<biblScope type="pp">381-417</biblScope>
<biblScope type="pp" from="12" to="34"/>
<biblScope type="pp">12</biblScope> 
<biblScope type="pages">3-46</biblScope>
First check if attribute 'from', 'to' is provided
If two numbers are separated by '-' the first number is mapped to StartPage and the second to EndPage, else the whole String is mapped to StartPage


<extent>78 p.</extent> -mapped
<extent>19 pp.</extent> -mapped
<extent>3200 sentences</extent> -not mapped
<extent>between 10 and 20 Mb</extent> -not mapped


<author>Paine, Thomas (1737-1809)</author>
<author>La Fayette, Marie Madeleine Pioche de la Vergne, comtesse de (1634–1693)</author>
All info within round brackets in an author element should be parsed out. This should apply to all person names (editor, contributor etc.)

If element persName does exist, apply the following mapping: Element author is an example for all roles which might appear in this mapping (editor, contributor etc.)

TEI Element PubMan Metadata Set Description Publication.Creator.Person.FamilyName
Note: Only if is empty Publication.Creator.Person.GivenName Add middle name to first name. Publication.Creator.Person.FamilyName -- not mapped contains a name component which indicates that the referent has a particular role or position in society, such as an official title or rank. Dr, Miss, M.Tech (degree) add to Publication.Creator.Person.FamilyName
Seperated from the family name by space
contains a connecting phrase or link used within a name but not regarded as part of it, such as van der or of add to Publication.Creator.Person.GivenName
seperated from the given name by comma
contains a name component like JR.


   <addrLine>Oxford University Computing Services,</addrLine>
   <addrLine>13 Banbury Road,</addrLine>
   <addrLine>Oxford OX2 6RB,</addrLine>
   <street>110 Southmoor Road</street>
   <name type="city">Oxford</name>
   <postCode>OX2 6RB</postCode>
   <name type="country">United Kingdom</name>

Mapping of address: All sub elements are concatenated with comma and blank and are mapped to the corresponding pubItem address field.


change/date Pubman date type
Received created
Revised modified
Accepted accepted
Registration not mapped
Online published online
Submitted submitted
publication published in print
Published published in print
ePublished published online

If dates of the same type are modelled twice, the most recent date will be mapped.

Note: This value can be found in the date type attribute or in the value of the date or change element 
<change when="2009-01-16">Revised</change> <change when="2009-01-28">Accepted</change> <date type="publication" when="2008-11-18"/> <date when="2008-11-08">Online</date> <date type="Accepted" when="2009-02-17"/>



   <title>Common sense, a machine-readable transcript</title>
   <author>Paine, Thomas (1737-1809)</author>
    <resp>compiled by</resp>
    <name>Jon K Adams</name>
   <distributor>Oxford Text Archive.</distributor>
    <addrLine>Oxford University Computing Services,</addrLine>
    <addrLine>13 Banbury Road,</addrLine>
    <addrLine>Oxford OX2 6RB,</addrLine>
   <note>Brief notes on the text are in a
       supplementary file.</note>
     <editor>Foner, Philip S.</editor>
     <title>The collected writings of Thomas Paine</title>
      <pubPlace>New York</pubPlace>
      <publisher>Citadel Press</publisher>
   <p>Editorial notes in the Foner edition have not
       been reproduced. </p>
   <p>Blank lines and multiple blank spaces, including paragraph
       indents, have not been preserved. </p>
   <correction status="high" method="silent">
    <p>The following errors
         in the Foner edition have been corrected:
      <item>p. 13 l. 7 cotemporaries contemporaries </item>
      <item>p. 28 l. 26 [comma] [period] </item>
      <item>p. 84 l. 4 kin kind </item>
      <item>p. 95 l. 1 stuggle struggle </item>
      <item>p. 101 l. 4 certainy certainty </item>
      <item>p. 167 l. 6 than that </item>
      <item>p. 209 l. 24 publshed published </item>
    <p>No normalization beyond that performed
         by Foner, if any. </p>
   <quotation marks="all" form="std">
    <p>All double quotation marks
         rendered with ", all single quotation marks with
         apostrophe. </p>
   <hyphenation eol="none">
    <p>Hyphenated words that appear at the
         end of the line in the Foner edition have been reformed.</p>
    <p>The values of <att>when-iso</att> on the <gi>time</gi>
         element always end in the format <val>HH:MM</val> or
    <val>HH</val>; i.e., seconds, fractions thereof, and time
         zone designators are not present.</p>
    <p>Compound proper names are marked. </p>
    <p>Dates are marked. </p>
    <p>Italics are recorded without interpretation. </p>
   <taxonomy xml:id="lcsh">
    <bibl>Library of Congress Subject Headings</bibl>
   <taxonomy xml:id="lc">
    <bibl>Library of Congress Classification</bibl>
   <language ident="en" usage="100">English.</language>
   <keywords scheme="#lcsh">
     <item>Political science</item>
     <item>United States -- Politics and government —
           Revolution, 1775-1783</item>
   <classCode scheme="#lc">JC 177</classCode>
  <change when="1996-01-22">
   <name>CMSMcQ</name> finished proofreading
  <change when="1995-10-30">
   <name>L.B. </name> finished proofreading
  <change when="1995-07-20">
   <name>R.G. </name> finished proofreading
  <change when="1995-07-04">
   <name>R.G. </name> finished data entry
  <change when="1995-01-15">
   <name>R.G. </name> began data entry

Wikipedia (

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<TEI xmlns="">
                <title>Auf dem Brocken</title>
                <author>Heinrich Heine (1797–1856)</author>
                    <name>Wiki Autor</name>
                    <resp>Umwandlung in TEI-konformes XML</resp>
                <p>aus Wikisource, der freien Quellensammlung 
                    (<ptr target=""/>)</p>
                        <title level="a">Auf dem Brocken</title>
                        <title level="m">Buch der Lieder</title>
                        <title level="m" type="sub">Aus der Harzreise</title>
                        <author>Heine, Heinrich</author>
                        <publisher>Hoffmann und Campe</publisher>
                            <p>Gemeinfrei, keine Nutzungsbeschränkungen</p>
            <pb n="302"/>
            <head>Auf dem Brocken.</head>
            <lg type="stanza">
                <l>Heller wird es schon im Osten</l>
                <l>Durch der Sonne kleines Glimmen,</l>
                <l>Weit und breit die Bergesgipfel,</l>
                <l>In dem Nebelmeere schwimmen.</l>
            <lg type="stanza">
                <l n="5">Hätt’ ich Siebenmeilenstiefel,</l>
                <l>Lief ich, mit der Hast des Windes,</l>
                <l>Ueber jene Bergesgipfel,</l>
                <l>Nach dem Haus des lieben Kindes.</l>
            <lg type="stanza">
                <l>Von dem Bettchen, wo sie schlummert,</l>
                <l n="10">Zög’ ich leise die Gardinen,</l>
                <l>Leise küßt’ ich ihre Stirne,</l>
                <l>Leise ihres Munds Rubinen.</l>
            <lg type="stanza">
                <l>Und noch leiser wollt’ ich flüstern</l>
                <l>In die kleinen Lilien-Ohren:</l>
                <l n="15">Denk’ im Traum, daß wir uns lieben,</l>
                <l>Und daß wir uns nie verloren.</l>