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Overview of 1. Workflow variante, before revision in March 2009[edit]


  • after acceptance process: corresponding author tags that paper any creator is affiliated with MPG
    Note: Currently, this information is not checked automatically (e.g. by comparing the author's affiliation with the selection), therefore MPG articles could be missing or external articles could be mapped incorrectly
  • publication gets processed, e.g. metadata is created, pdf is generated
  • Springer's data delivery service (dds) runs an export job on a regular base and makes the information available to MPG

needs to be defined and should specify following actions and the corresponding responsibilities

  • download data
  • check for plausibility and correctness
    How to create "nachforderungen" an springer? (only manually, maybe once a year)
  • download from Springer ftp server
  • upload to subversion repository (e.g
    The repository is checked out daily to a web server which is access restricted to the MPG IP range (see, thus the original data would become available to other interested users in MPG.
  • upload to edoc:
    • transforming Springer data into internal format
    • upload into one Open Choice Collection
    • merging existing records with springer data - won't be done automatically
  • notification of MPG librarians, including
    • list of journals
    • list of affiliations
    • list of authors
    • should be further checked with librarians

Open Issues:

  • negotiate requirements regarding data delivery (issued material only, monthly processing) with springer - Done. Results as follows:
    • issued material only; monthly processed; every month delivery of the new material, only; no additional cumulative file.
  • plan extensions required for edoc (copy with full text, tag copied items, define metadata mapping)
  • assign priorities within the team
  • communicate results to MPG libraries, invite them for comments