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 |id       = id text or image
 |id-c     = id background color
 |id-fc    = id font color
 |id-s     = id text size
 |id-p     = id cell padding space
 |id-lh    = id line height 
 |id-op    = id other parameter (CSS)
 |id-w     = id box width
 |id-h     = id box height
 |info     = info text
 |info-c   = info background color
 |info-fc  = info font color
 |info-s   = info text size
 |info-p   = info padding (distance between cell contents & cell border)
 |info-lh  = info line height (or distance in between text lines)
 |info-op  = info other (CSS) parameter(s)
 |border-c = border color
 |border-s = border width in pixels

Note: All parameters are optional.


Taken from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Template:Userbox


id info