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First thoughts on a seminar program in the MPG (Peter Wittenburg, december 2005)

Topics of interest[edit]

Research life cycle[edit]

  • Changes in research methodology
  • Changes in research questions and discourse
  • "Communication" and "interdisciplinarity" - impact in the three sections of the MPG

Functional aspects[edit]

  • Integration and Interoperability
  • Virtual Organizations
  • Virtual collaborations
  • "Break down the barriers"

Enabling technologies[edit]

  • Grid Technologies
    • Certification and PKI infrastructure
    • Authentification and authorization
    • Web services
    • Grid software
    • Repositories
    • Federation technologies
    • Relevant standards
  • Semantic Web Technologies
    • Metadata/registries
    • Schemas
    • Concept registries
    • Ontologies
    • Media technologies
    • Linguistic and text technologies
    • Relevant standards

Legal and ethical aspects[edit]

  • Basis of federations
  • Open Access Movement
  • IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) and legal framewokr
  • Licensing
  • Ethical questions

Political / strategic issues[edit]

  • International activities (e.g. UK, USA, France, NL)
  • Activities supported / funded by EU
  • Positioning of MPG?
  • Political activities of MPG?

Target groups (their functions)[edit]

  • Main focus on MPG scientists and staff
  • Representatives of other research organizations are welcomed

Directors, management representatives:

  • Awareness building, transfer of strategical knowledge, input in discussions on formation and infrastructure


  • Awareness building, transfer of concrete knowledge


  • Transfer of concrete knowledge

Planned activities[edit]

  • Topic-clusters will be offered for specific target groups => seminars from 2-5 days (2-day course for directors)
  • Within the topic cluster, re-combinable modules will be developed
  • Focus of knowledge transfer on “grid technologies” and “semantic web technologies” (5 day seminar each)
  • Seminars will be organised by RZG (Rechenzentrum Garching) and technical group of MPI Psycholinguistics. Support will be provided by the MPG.
  • Experts will be invited to each of the seminars, with special attention on external experts for the seminars organised for directors
  • Seminars will start in summer 2006