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Design changes

General JSPJavaServer Pages - Backing bean releation

  • Every JSPJavaServer Pages and JSPFJava Simple Plugin Framework should have at least one backing bean
    • JSPJavaServer Pages: One backing bean scope request?
    • JSPFJava Simple Plugin Framework: One backing bean scope request, one backing bean scope session

General Java Class Structure

-> Wrapp VOs to more intelligent objects? Encapsulation of logic to data objects? (advantage: reusibility of GUIGraphical User Interface components, reduction of bean logic)

Reusability of JSPJavaServer Pages Components

  • encapsulated in JSPFJava Simple Plugin Framework files
  • Data binding will be done in the superior JSPJavaServer Pages / JSPFJava Simple Plugin Framework via HTMLHypertext Markup Language Datatable or Trinidad iterator

general process of R4 presentation Development / Redesign

  • 1.) Markus restructures and creates JSPJavaServer Pages / JSPFJava Simple Plugin Framework pages. Result: Pages almost implemented (except difficult logic changes), old java code not changed.
  • 2.) Markus creates JiraError Management and Project Management Software tasks for everey page with difficulties
  • 3.) Takeover by Tobi, extending JaVa Code to get running Application. BTW restructuring of related Java Beans / classes / removal of unnecessary code and methods. Result: Running Application
  • 4.) In the meantime Tom will document the presentation layer and will decide on structural changes
  • 5.) Strucural changes will be implemented by Tom & Tobi