Trip Report: 4th VuFind Conference. Konstanz 6th-7th October 2015

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The 4th meeting of German-speaking VuFind users / institutions using VuFind took place in Konstanz 6th to 7th October, 2015. The meeting was attended by Erik.

Summary: Meeting of developers & representatives from institutions providing end user solutions based on the VuFind framework. Most of them not only install & run VuFind but also (heavily) customize & tailor solutions to their specific needs. Many of the participants also maintain at least a local branch of VuFind on GitHub. The German-speaking community is preparing to collect ideas to influence the VuFind 3 development roadmap starting next week.

Conference Program: (slides available)


VuFind out of the box - general deficiencies

  • legal details disregarded (e.g. book covers)
  • standard fields not displayed
  • availability fails to cover all details
  • too many JavaScript, css files

Local VuFind development

  • be specific about base release
  • create local branch
  • extesions ought to work stand-alone
  • implement all changes within local modules
  • problem - releases, upgrades

Global development

  • requires dual maintenance
  • synchronize with current release
  • general maintenance, change requests, bug fixes
  • provide test cases

Merge all branches, resolve conflicts, local configuration in separate directory, push final version to git.

VuFind users may be required to provide & roll-out local instances quickly - example: BOSS

VuFind2 generally favoured, more logic moved to PHP classes, less complexity in templates.

Subject facetting by HeBIS

  • local mapping of different vocabularies
  • use placeholders to achieve transparency & completeness of facet

Article index created by UB Leipzig

  • low-cost successor to Primo Central solution
  • major data source: crossref
  • create intermediate format (quite standard...done by others as well)
  • framework in use to orchestrate steps of workflow
  • one-command index update
  • use of docker & manifold tools
  • frontend - foundation, Sass

Support of multiple data formats by UB Frankfurt, FID Darstellende Kunst

  • processing METS/MODS, LIDO, MARC21/MARCXML, non-standard (CSV, from Faust-DB, Allegro, etc)
  • unified format EDM/DM2E
  • fullrecord not indexed by used by single record driver
  • aggregate data by means of REPOX
  • solution planned to be open source
  • note: rather index 10-30K metadata records than parse by record driver

META by i.d.a-Dachverband

  • puts extremely high value on user experience before starting implementation
  • grouping of search results

Modularizing and interfaces - a critical view on VuFind 2

  • MVC is extremely heavy-weight
  • all services through MVC (even smaller ones like auto-suggest)
  • too many dependencies
  • global components required (vs. local modules), packages
  • upgrade - merge of complete branch with master required
  • share development (Villanova, Finc, BSZ, swissbib, ...)
  • VuFind 2.5 multiple (50) Zend repositories rather than single one
  • unified HTTP interface
  • upgrade VuFind 2 -> 3 - changes not required, but recommended

VuFind 3 development roadmap - etherpad will be set up & shared among participants, comments welcome

Follow-up: VuFind Summit 2015 (slides available)