Trip Report: 5th VuFind Conference. Freiburg 11th-12th October 2016

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The 5th meeting of German-speaking VuFind users / institutions using VuFind took place in Freiburg 11th to 12th October, 2016. The meeting was attended by Erik.

Conference Program:


"Vom Testsystem zum Produktivsystem – Installations-/Update-Strategien"

Live videoconferencing session with VuFind Summit 2016

Villanova - strategic notes

  • feature: geographic search integration, visualize records with geographic info
  • get rid of jquerymobile theme
  • get rid of VuFind statistics
  • new SolrMarc, get rid of bsh scripts
  • get rid of google maps support
  • Java 8 Solr 6 php 5.5 (php 7 at some point)


  • J. Lienhard - Simplify the recordtab phtml templates
  • etc

Marius Zierold (ida-Dachverband) - "VuFind und META: Aktuelle Metadaten und Digitalisate gemeinsam präsentieren"

M. Fuchs (subkom) - "Linguistische und fehlertolerantes Suggest"

  • stemming (approx. 85% relevant hits...overstemming: Kurs -> Kur, Wüste -> Wust, understemming: Atlanten -> Atlas)
  • vs. lemmatization, requires dictionaries, rules
  • also composita (Holzschaft -> Holz, Schaft vs. Seilschaft -> Seil, Schaft)
  • esp. subject-specific composita (jur., etc.)
  • dangerous synonyms e.g. Geschichte/Historie, Gott/Schöpfer, etc.
  • VuFind implementation comprises customized searchbox.phtml & classes
  • comment: generally, dictionaries may be integrated with Solr search

Index Data - FOLIO

Lightning Talks

How to participate in VuFind development

  • 20% German sites
  • future of German-speaking mailing hist (hosted by GBV)?
  • participate in development calls
  • participate in Slack
  • publish your code transparently on GitHub
  • (planned)
  • German wishlist, sharing tasks, identify requirement, create tickets, etc

Tübingen, s.

  • marc_filter
    • may be very fast
    • requires 20-30 C libraries
    • alternatives: Catmandu, note: our current solution is based on MARC::Transform which may not be as fast but allows a maximum of flexibility
  • new journals alert service
  • subjects in multilingual/internationalized environment


  • hierarchical facets in VuFind 3?