Trip Report: DINI Vernetzungstage 2009

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Event: DINI Vernetzungstage 2009, 23.6.-24.6.2009, Stuttgart

Participants MPDL: Juliane Müller and Nicole Kondic

Programm and Materials:

Highlights of the conference[edit]

The OAPS project: plagiarism search for Open Access[edit]

The project aims to automatically detect plagiarism within as many resources (repositories etc.) as possible. Therefore they harvest the systems (constraints: they only harvest if they have direct access to the full text). As harvesting is very much dependent on performance issues, they are aiming for distributed indexing, which means, that each repository, which is participating should create an own full text index they can access. With the software for detecting plagiarism, an author should be able to run a search on possible plagiarism, which will be listed together with the places where they where detected and descriptive metadata of the work as such (Title, Author, Source, etc.). They don’t only detect something, if the words are in the very same order and if the text is written in the very same way (low case and upper case are not recognized as differences, several blank are not detected as different texts). In some cases even “duplicates” are detected if the word order has been changed.

As it is an open source software project it might be interesting to integrate this solution to PubMan. Standardized usage statistics for repositories and link resolvers (OA Statistics)

The project aims to develop:

  • an infrastructure
  • standards
  • services (rankings, graphical statistics, searches)
  • guidelines
  • recommendations for the DINI certificate

concerning statistics. Currently only repositories, which have a DINI certificate are part of the statistics.


Project Report about PubLister[edit]

PubLister as a project, funded by the DFG and aims to implement an institution wide service for publication lists for scientistis within on institution. In the end this project is very much similar to our Use Case Feeding local webpages. The interesting part about this project for us is, that they are evaluation different already existing systems and PubMan is one of them.

Link: Project description

Project report about DOARC[edit]

This project aims to implement citation indexes for electronic documents within institutional repositories. This is also open source and it might be interesting to integrate that into PubMan, as this need was mentioned before as desired feature for eDoc/PubMan. This only makes sense if a lit of systems are connected together.

Link: Prototype