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Event: nestor/DPE Winter School 2007 "Praktische Anwendungsfelder der digitalen Langzeitarchivierung"

Gernrode/Harz, 11. -15. November 2007

Participants MPDL: Kristina

For details, please check the Agenda

Digital longterm preservation[edit]

  • Methods
    1. Emulation: Reproduction of the original hardware, software and operating system
    2. Migration: Periodical transfer of the digital material from one (older) hard/software configuration to another (newer) one
  • OAIS Model
Presentation of the OAIS Model (Reference Model for an Open Archival Information System), which is a terminological and structural concept for the digital longterm preservation
  • Presentation of the Nestor "Kriterienkatalog vertrauenswürdige digitale Langzeitarchive"
  • Data formats and standards, amongst others the characteristics of picture formats
    1. Raster graphics consists of pixels
      • compressed, e.g. TIFF uncompressed
      • uncompressed, e.g. TIFF group 4 (lossless), GPEG and GIV (lossy)
    2. Vector graphics describe pictures through geometric forms like lines, circles, etc.
  • The VdW working group has published a list of questions which can support the user in the decision which format to use for which digital object

Existing archival systems[edit]

Discussion of existing archival systems

  1. Kopal (kooperativer Aufbau eines Langzeitarchivs digitaler Informationen)
    • One softwaresystem DIAS (Digital Information Archiving System) developed at IBM and hosted at the GWDG
    • One hardwaresystem located at the GWDG
    • Individual modulated software: koLibRI (kopal Library for Retrival and Ingest, software package for the use of DIAS) developed at the DNB and the SUB
  2. Prototype of the Bundesarchiv
  3. Portico
    • commercial
    • permanent archive for reviewed scientific journals
  4. Lockss
    • open source software
    • cooperate archival system based on replications for all digital objects

Web archiving[edit]

  • Concepts
  • Example: the web archive of the Deutscher Bundestag

Preservation planing[edit]

Preservation planing as one main functionality of the OAIS Model

  • DELOS: Testbed for the evaluation of preservation planing strategies
  • PLANETS: Preservation planing environment incl. PLATO (PLANTES preservation Planning Tool)


Digital longterm preservation is a process, which can not be solved by an institute alone, because the development and implementation of strategies is very complex and costly. Therefore, a cooperation between the different organizations is highly desirable.