Trip Report: Practical SOA 15th Jan 2008

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Practical SOA, Frankfurt/Main 15th of Jan 2008 Participants: Natasa, Ulla

See slides of presentation on shared MPDL2 server.

  • Mainly big commercial companies (e.g. Deutsche Telekom, SwissLife etc.) were represented => some recommendations not applicable to research organisations/digital library environments
  • Recommendations/lessons learned still valuable input to be transfered into our environment
  • Outcome:
    • eSciDoc architecture (and its problems) are in sync with really big SOA projects
    • security issue is main challenge across all companies: role inheritance across composited services? Security issue mainly presented as "Human Ressources/Organisational problem", not IT problem
    • Focus by all presenters on "governance aspect" of service registries => What does it mean to share services and/or act as service provider? => new processes needed for governance (strategy), quality (applications) and management (operations) => recommended to check: slides by HP guy
    • Interesting aspect: "testing in SOA architectures" => internal QA as point in a timeline not possible in SOA, but has to be integrative and ongoing step in SW development, QA has to be part of infrastructure => recommended to check: slides by ITKO guy
    • Interesting aspect: "educate for SOA" => educational program for all IT-and business process modelling units is essential part of launching SOA architectures in big, federated companies => bottom-up educational programs to raise awareness throughout decision makers