Upgrade Postgresql to a newer Version

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How to Upgrade Postgresql[edit]

  • Check that the server is running
  • (If necessary) Start the dump
$ pg_dumpall > db.out
  • OR move the data directory to a backup location
  • Upgrade Postgresql to a newer version via for example Yast (pg9 is in repository: Postgresql 9

URL: http://ftp5.gwdg.de/pub/opensuse/repositories/server:/database:/postgresql/SLE_11_SP1/

  • Start Postgresql server or initalize the new DB and start Postgresql server.
    • Error calling pgping undefined symbol in pg 9.1 - informational only, server still starts
  • (If necessary) Import the database
$ psql -f db.out template1
  • OR

Now Postgresql is running in a newer version with the data of the old version.