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DV Treffen 2012[edit]

IT Strategie-Kommission[edit]

working groups

  • high performance computing
  • datamanagement and escience
  • IT-Basis-Services
  • Zentrale It and IT Governance

Produces: Final Report and Strategy Paper

High Performance Computing[edit]

pyramid model (1 in the institutes, 2 in the datacentres (RZG, DKRZ) 3. international

Need data-infrastructure (fast network)

Datamananagment and eScience[edit]

  • total cost of ownership as decisive
  • data access (fast networks)
  • lots of best practises

IT Basis Services[edit]

  • weigh up: more central - more efficient, less lcose to users.
  • Tendency: researcher support local, IT-Basisservices central.
  • Need: MPG-wide services catalogue
  • Need: a costing model

IT Governance[edit]

  • suggestion: one VP responsible for It
  • BAR continues as before
  • central IT units (including MPDL). Beirat, costing models, more coordinations, evaluation every 6 years.

MaxNet (Lindner, GV)[edit]

social networking for junior scientists

  • foreign doctorate students
  • search for experts
  • contact to alumni

Social networking for scientists: Professor Facebook

  • newspage / blog
  • voluntary use (brings organisational difficulties)
  • some criticism about lack of visibility, MPG-internally

Virtualisierung / KVM / Openstack[edit]

virtual management environment, with ha features. complete open stack