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At first, I made some of Japanese resources for PubMan on 2008-09-22. Later on 2008-12-25, I switched the codebase into the new R4 GUI.



Add the following line in the <locale-config> element:



Add information for a link to language-specific helps. (maybe no need to work right now...)

(R3) pubman_presentation/src/main/webapp/desktop/Login.jspf[edit]

Add a locale switch link for new language.


Current implementation needs the national flag for the language. (really?) Put the image file here, and link to it from the jspf.

I got an image of the PD Japanese flag from WM, and modified it for the desired size (currently 30x15).

(R4) pubman_presentation/src/main/webapp/header/ui/MetaMenu.jspf[edit]

Add a locale switch link for new language.


Copy from each "*_en" into "*_ja" properties files, and then add Japanese translations for labels/messages.

Java does not support native encodings of Japanese characters even in UTF-8. You need to use unicode-escaping such as \uXXXX. The "native2ascii" utility work for that purpose, but PropertyEditor plugin for eclipse works fine.
ResourceBundleEditor for Eclipse will be usefull for i18n of resource bundle editor. Note that this editor always re-sorts the keys alphabetically every time when saving files. As of January 2009, it is agreed that all developers should use RBE in order to avoid conficts when merge.