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Topics for ESciDoc_HowTO[edit]

Identify main data entities solution is dealing with[edit]

  • Name the main data entities (short description of what these represent is desirable)
    • Publications
    • Scans of old Manuscripts
    • Scanned Books
    • Images of Faces
    • Simulations
    • Experiments
    • Organizational Units
    • Users
    • Journals
    • Persons
  • Identify how are the main data entities are related (if they are related), try to depict the most important relations e.g.
    • Publications are related to Simulations
    • Publications are related to Experiments
    • Images of Faces are related to Persons

Identify main top-level functions of the solution[edit]

  • What are the main functionalities that the solution should fulfill e.g.?
    • Management of publications e.g. Create/Edit/Modify/Delete/Search publications
    • Management of images e.g. Create/Edit/Modify/Delete/Search images
    • Management of scanned books e.g. Create Edit/Modify/Delete/Search scanned books
    • Management of digitized manuscripts e.g. Create Edit/Modify/Delete/Search digitized manuscripts

Identify main use cases accordingly for each top-level set of functionalities in the solution[edit]

  • What shall the management of publications support and who are the actors?
    • Management of publications
      • Create a publication: depositor
      • Update a publication: depositor, moderator
      • Approve(release)publication: moderator
      • Discard publication: data manager/depositor/moderator


Identify main processes[edit]

  • what are the workflows for each particular entity?
    • steps
    • short description

Map to the eSciDoc data model[edit]

  • Identify the object pattern for your main data entities (Item, Container, Organizational Unit, Context)

Define your content model[edit]

  • Select type of resource: Item, Container, Context, Organizational Unit
  • use existing CModel or new one?
  • if new then: which metadata profile for resource, evtl. metadata profile for components