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Further intentions and open issues for the planned user portal:

user categories

  • idea of establishing user categories to tag the people with
  • user categories could follow a system of
  • qualifying users in categories like Category:User_Metadata
  • qualifying users as experts like Category:Expert_Metadata
  • grouping users like Category:Group_Metadata (integration of user groups?)


  • the user categories should not be mixed up with the other categories
  • can categories be prevented from being displayed at Special:Categories? (the magic word __HIDDENCAT__ put on a category page prevents this category from being displayed on the categorized pages - is there a functionality behind it that may be of use? heads up: the magic word works from 1.13 upwards!)
  • is there a possibility of "meta-organizing" categories anyway? would it be possible to create another category namespace (UserCategory)? would the functionalities be the same? would that allow to tag a user page like [[UserCategory:Metadata]]?

how to promote experts?

(in particular of relevance for the twr expert data base)

  • one approach might be the people tagging (see above)
  • technical implementations: Would it be possible to automatically
  • visualize the articles that a certain user contributed to in a preselected way (for example only those made in a chosen namespace) on a user related page?
  • or alternatively generate a special page where all users are listed with this information on their contribution?
  • and to add the creator and contributors (each one once!) on a chosen article page (maybe also dependent to a namespace or whatever)?

integrating user groups

already created content:

  • category
  • overviewing article

mailing lists